Where We Are As The Body Of Christ

I was given a dream on September 24, 2019 that Jackie Caporaso, a faithful and anointed minister of God, published on “In Spirit and In Truth”, Post #319 New Garments for the Sons https://sites.google.com/site/jackie/cnow/ I highly recommend that you read not just my dream, but all of this divinely inspired publication, as well as Post #283 called Ascending and Descending. It was a “Wow” word for me which I believe will bless you, too.


“I was with my husband Dieter in a little house. After a scene in which my husband was so kind and loving to me, I moved to a very huge white apartment building and President Trump was there. I appeared in a casual gown, the same one I usually wear when I want to be comfortable at home.

I told President Trump that I would have dressed differently if I had known that I was going to be with him, and then remarked that I had no make-up on. He smiled and said: “You’re so young, my dear,” like he was saying that because I was so young that I didn’t need to wear make-up. I was puzzled at his comment thinking: “But I’m 77 years old.”

President Trump brought out a huge book and showed me the details that were recorded in it. I think they had details with plans and blueprints in them. Next, a small book with symbolism in it came whirling forth from out of this book. I was surprised that the President had this book of symbolism in his possession. He then took my hand in his, and I was aware that his arm was in three interconnecting sections which extended under his desk/table down to the floor. His arm was not made of flesh but of iron metal. His other hand was at the end of his arm at the bottom of the floor and I was holding that hand as well. I asked him if it was really his hand and he assured me that it was. In the end of the dream I was worried that I might have bad breath. End of dream.

INTERPRETATION by Jackie Caporaso:

“Michele represents the Bride of Christ, the true church who has come to maturity as she is 77, (seven is maturity), yet is very youthful and beautiful without false covering- no make-up. It is important to note that the sweet personal and intimate relationship with Christ within, represented by the time she first spends with her husband Dieter is a time that must take place before we move on to join Christ in His body, (represented by the white building).

Christ has been dealing with us privately and intimately, to prepare us for Himself, but now we enter the next phase. We are entering the white building where Christ rules in His body. Now we see ourselves as corporate, and are taught to function with all our members. In the past we have tried to bring this together, but it cannot be done by the flesh.

In this next phase we find the Lord, not only within ourselves, but presiding in His body; the Christ who rules the world (represented by our present president). President Trump (symbol of the highest ruler in the world), represents the Christ who is now ruling in His corporate body; the Christ who will also rule the world through us. As Christ is hated in the world, so is this president hated and reviled past human reasoning. As Christ did, he also fights and stands the test. As Christ, He is despised of men, but as Christ, He is more than a conqueror, and will fulfill his pur- pose all the way. This is what has been taking place in us, in the Body of Christ and in the world too.

The rising Son, this Christ within, is the One who has the book and the blueprints of God’s purposes and plans for creation. This inner man within us is the new man who possesses all the symbolisms that are contained in God’s recorded Word. Christ in Je- sus and in His body, has been fulfilling all the sym- bols that God laid out in Ancient Israel, and all the words that were spoken by the prophets of the Old Testament.

Christ in His body is the Arm of the Lord. “Awake, Awake, put on thy strength, O arm of the Lord; awake as in the ancient days, in the generations of old. Art thou not he that hath cut Rahab, and wounded the dragon? Art thou not he which dried out the sea, the waters of the great deep; that hath made the depths of the sea a way for the ransomed to pass over? Therefore the redeemed of the lord shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and ever- lasting joy shall be upon their head: they shall obtain gladness and joy, and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.” (Isa.51:9-11)

This is the arm Michele saw under the table. It is not yet revealed, it is still under the table. But it has three parts, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, “For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.” (Col.2:9) It is this strong arm of iron who shall rule the nations. The Body of Christ is the arm of the Lord which is arising today.

The doubts of the bride are put to rest…yes she is holding his hand, he confirms it. This is where the bride is at today. She has entered into the righteousness of Christ, and is seated with Him, who is presiding in the sons. The Son of God is soon to appear as supreme ruler not only in us personally, but in the world and all of creation too.

Michele was amazed that he had this huge book with all the symbols in the inner book, just as His bride is amazed at all that He is revealing within her. All of God’s plans have been stored within each one of us, in Christ. The mystery of Christ in us is vast and wonderful. It is filled with God’s plan and purposes for the ages to come.

At the end of the dream, Michele was afraid that her breath might be bad. Yes, we all stand in awe and fear that this whole thing may be deception from another spirit. In the natural, it is too much to believe, could we be deceived? Could this be a tall tale proceeding from an evil spirit, represented by bad breath? We may question the wonder and the awesomeness of it all, yet the witness of the Spirit within us echoes together with our faith, “Amen Lord Jesus, we believe!”

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