The body was cut into many pieces and it’s blood soaked the ground. The ground was crying and its lament could be heard only by the host of heaven. There had been no eyewitnesses, so it seemed that the murderer was free.

There was a mark on the killer but it was an invisible one. At first, the murderer was unaware of it, but each time he remembered his victim, the mark grew larger and the pain in his head intensified. His heart was untouched. He never counted on guilt’s appearance because he thought that his act was justified. However, the many flashbacks of the bloody scene continually tormented and spoke against him.

Who would… Who could discover him? “I’m free”, he told himself, while all the while the invisible chains on his feet grew tighter. Little by little, insanity crept in making him do and say things he did not intend. In the end, he’d have to confess.

WHO was the guilty one?: Why the tongue of course!! And who was the weapon of words targeted against? Could it have been our brother?!?

Categories: Allegories

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