The Appearance

The oppression was great on the little one called “Lambkin.”…. It seemed that she was forsaken by all, even by her own mother,… the one who bore her, loved her, provided for her, and was her champion. How could such a thing happen? Good mothers don’t forsake their children, but this one did. Alas! She had been a good mother UNTIL “Lambkin” committed the unthinkable sin-… her mother’s sin that she had never forgiven herself for.

When “Lambkin” cried out to her Savior after she had committed the sin and lost her name “Honor”, she was given the name ”Lambkin” by the One who loved her so… This “Merciful One” wrapped her in the pure white wool of His very being and her shame was covered, but the memory of it still tormented her because her cells retained it. His covering contained an atom changing power in it that was mightily at work called the law of life… It was true that her memory had the law of sin and death working in it, but the law of life was destined to overrule it.

“Memory” which seemed to be a living force against her was active all the time within every cell of her body and in the cells of all born since Adam.

When “Lambkin” used the positive side of memory in remembering that the blood of the lamb covered all her sins, she experienced freedom as long as she retained that memory… She could hear her “Beloved Savior”’s voice clearly reminding her: “Remember ME!” and then all would be well with her, but when she did not remember Him, shame, sorrow and all the poisons of sin would manifest themselves. Oh what a wretched one she was… and how wretched all generations of men were because of “The Law”…. If the law had never been given, they would never have known sin for there was nothing in existence until then to condemn sin. Yes, the law which is good is a condemner and every man who has been born since the law was given has been and felt condemned.

So here poor “Lambkin” was knowing with her mind and heart that she was forgiven but having cells within her retaining not only her sins, but the sins of all the ancestors in her bloodline. There seemed to be no way out of the wretchedness she felt and that all mankind experienced as well.

But there was and is a way: “The ALPHA”- … Her Savior’s appearance coming revealing Himself in the role of “Alpha”! Only through acknowledging one’s true state of wretchedness and inability to change could the “Great Change” come and this was what “Lambkin” had finally come to know. She was ready to be “Alpha-fathered”… “”unfathered” and ”Alpha-mothered”… “unmothered” … and thereby be manifested as one belonging to the Melchizedek order priesthood.

Oh happy, happy day! The reGENEration was at hand-… the ALPHA’s genes replacing Adam’s genes is taking place right now in God’s “Helium-Bride.”

Yea, we are at the door of transfiguration: Can you who have eyes to see, see the “Sun of Righteousness” rising in YOU?

Note: When alpha is placed at the beginning of a word, it negates it. Contrary to what has been taught, the Melchizedek order priests and kings have had fathers and mothers, but they and their genes were negated, then considered to be no more through the Alpha. Hallelujah! Jesus was made a priest of the Melchizedek order showing that there is more than one priest. Therefore there has to be others with Him in order for there to be a (plural) priesthood.

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