Sugar Free

“Sugar” knew she needed a name change, but she wasn’t ready for one yet. Poison had been planted in her food years ago and the seeds of it caused toxins to be in every part of her body. She longed for the day that she would have a continual cheerful heart, but the poison has so filled her mind with doubts, that she was unable to maintain cheer but for a short period of time. “Confusion” the companion of “Doubt” also blocked her thinking and creative expression. The loss became too much for “Sugar” to bear.

Two stars dwelled in her heart who were witnesses of God’s Word. “Sugar” could only see the light when she quieted her soul. It happened one day after a sleepless night that “Sugar” realized she was in trouble. If she were to continue going on the path she was on, she knew that she’d be facing ruination and shame, but there seemed to be no way to stop. “Sugar” loved sugar and turned to it every time opposition came or when she realized her need to change. What was she to do?

“Call upon the name!” one of the stars beamed in S.O.S. code and the other star added: “Don’t forget to apply the blood!” The two stars became one filling her entire heart. “It’s time to die to self!… It’s time to surrender ALL of your will!” both admonished.

“Sugar knew it was so, but how? The stars in unison reminded “Sugar” that Jesus could not place Himself on the tree by Himself… that He also needed help to carry His cross.

“Ask!… You must ask and believe for the help you need and trust!… Do not doubt and deliverance shall come for you. “Sugar’s” heart began to expand when she believed the Word and began applying it. “Temporarily you shall have discomfort, but disregard the displeasure. Know that the One who has begun a good work in you shall finish it!”

“What will be my new name? “Sugar” wanted to know. “Health” came to reply in a thundering voice:.… “Divine Health!” and with that proclamation, the cells in her body began to cheer. The time had come for “Sugar” to be no more.

A pertinent testimony: A Spirit-filled friend of mine tried desperately to give up smoking, but to no avail. One day, she stood in front of me puffing away like crazy on a cigarette saying: “Thank you Jesus for delivering me. Thank you, thank you, thank you that I am set free!” You can imagine my response. You’re right. I couldn’t believe what I saw and heard, but about three months later, I had my eyes opened and my heart changed. This is how it came about:

My friend went to a Spirit-filled meeting that took place in another city where the minister did not know her. In the middle of his preaching, he stopped and said: “Somebody here is trying to give up smoking!” Pointing directly at my friend, he shouted: “It’s YOU! Come out of her you spirit of nicotine in the name of Jesus!” and YES, she was set free!

Does everyone who smokes need to have a demon cast out of them? No! When I was young I smoked and I was able to give it up through prayer without that kind of deliverance, but when something CONTROLS us, it most likely is a demon spirit and the only way we can get deliverance is for that demon to be cast out. Whether it is a spirit or not, God has shown in His word HOW His people are to be delivered: It is not through self help, mantras, psychic energy, hypnotism, visualization meditation, diets, etc. although it is true that some of these things may work on the natural man for a time.

In Watchman Nee’s excellent book, “The Latent Power of the Soul”, he explains that the soul can display miracles, healings and wonders. We are not to be deceived!… The SOURCE matters!

You and I are in the process of the Word being made flesh in us…. Absolutely every creation, miracle, healing, sign, and wonder done by God was done through THE WORD…. We, His children must do the same. The Word (God) is in our mouth, and He gets the glory through the Word received, believed and confessed just like my friend did in overcoming smoking… just like”Sugar” did in the little allegory you just read.

We must get weaned from self-effort and all the self-help props we have hitherto used… At best, they only make the flesh better… They are the “good” from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil… They have NO LIFE in them.

We need to understand that those who walk by faith speaking life words are the only ones who will survive in the days ahead…. When He comes will He find faith or will He find people who are relying on the practices of this world?…. on the wisdom of man?… on the reasoning of the carnal mind?

“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall never pass away.” Matthew 24:35

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