Serendipity Released

“Serendipity” stayed in the background. She could not come forth until “Anguish” stopped being who she was, and only Heaven knew what a problem “Anguish” was to herself and to the people who knew her. Every time something happened that was not to her liking or not the way it should be, she would be in turmoil. Poor “Anguish”. She was upset all the time with no comfort in view, but help was on the way the very day she exploded…. even the day all her body parts fragmented and went in every which way which was also every “witch” way. Truly when people insist on things being the way they think they should be, they are behaving as a witch does. In order to become whole and no longer under the spell of the world and the desire for self gain, each person must seek and not cease seeking until he finds deliverance from self-rule…. Every man must become troubled within before he can know the truth.

And so the wind came to “Anguish” with a voice saying: “A gift is coming your way…. a gift you did not ask for… a gift you do not deserve. You must standstill in order to receive it and not be afraid. You must realize that change will come only as you remain still. If you try to fix things on your own, you will not only lose yourself, you will lose all you have gained hitherto in your journey into discovering true life and knowing who you are. Unless a man knows himself, he shall die in his sins. No man can know himself unless he is still and knows that God is God and that He will do what He will do.

Are you ready to lose control, “Anguish”?

A charge like an electric current went through her mind during the time the voice in the wind spoke to “Anguish”. How was it that she could not see until now that “Control” and “Self-will” were at the root of all her anguish?… at the root of every man’s anguish?

it was a solemn moment for her… even the moment that “Repentance” would be able do her final work. A thunderclap was heard in the sky and it’s voice announced a proclamation and a question that had to be answered:

“Know ye not, that unless you repent of past sins, you are bound to commit them again? The devil has permission to touch you regarding every sin you have not recognized. Many of the clashes and divisions of men come because of unacknowledged sins. Be thankful and praise God that anguish has brought you to the realization of what you need: “Repent! Repent! Repent! Without repentance of every sin that’s been committed, no man can be free!”

The heavens thundered with more claps that boomed into a crescendo which was almost deafening. It was as though men’s ears were so deaf, that only thunder could be heard. .

“Anguish” had obeyed the call to be still and as she stood there trembling, tears began to come one after the other streaming down her cheeks. Her heart had been so hard before the voice of the wind came and thunder spoke, she was unable to feel her brother’s pain… She could feel only her own, but now her eyes were flowing with tears for all humanity’s heartache…. The source of it, “Control” and “Self-will” would shortly be removed because “Repentance” sat on the throne gathering to herself all the graces of God.

After “Anguish’s” tears were dried, “Serendipity” came on the scene with a marching band that had a thousand instruments playing the celestial song: “Peace on Earth, Good will Towards Men”…The batons of the majorettes were aflame with fire with one of them destined to land in “Anguish’s” hand that had the names “Honor” and “Victory” on it. Next, the sound of a lone trumpet blared loudly and its message could be heard all over the earth:

“Hear ye, hear ye! Every person who surrenders the control of his or her life to Almighty God will come into perfection! Hear ye, hear ye: Be ye perfect!”

And so it was that “Anguish” came to her end, and “Perfection” had her beginning!

Do you, who still have anguish in your heart, know that you will be made perfect, too?

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