“Square Off” rose up to face the enemy straight on. This final hour of her testing had been ordained before the foundation of the world and she was almost ready. It did not seem that she was anywhere near prepared from all appearances because the thorn in her side was huge and had her attention and all who looked at her. She appeared weak and incompetent, but on the contrary she was strong and very capable of defeating every foe set against her because her strength and ability to conquer was not her own. She had learned through many trials not to depend upon her own understanding, learning the hard way that dependence on her reasoning mind brought many troubles. Because the mind of Christ in her had risen up in authority over the lust of her eyes, the lust of her flesh and the pride of life that had beset her many times, she could now face the primordial dragon, the enemy of all mankind in power and in authority. 

Although the truth had been established that she was and is the seed of the woman who would crush the enemy’s head, she had not yet realized that the woman was her own soul fortified through years of building blocks… even the Word of God line upon line put in place. The final stone was like a graduate’s cap that would be placed upon her head. 

Although “Square Off” walked with the mighty staff of life in her hand, even “Shiloh’s scepter, her eyes still needed a touch from on high to comprehend that she had full rule, not partial rule. The soul that comes in total union of the spirit has full power and authority for the spirit’s power is her very own. 

As “Square Off” was destined to sit on the throne, she needed to see herself seated there in her mind’s eye before she could take her queenly seat. She had not been fully persuaded yet because of the thorn in her side which had been in her so long-..She could not imagine herself without it for it had become a part of her with her flesh wrapped tightly around it seemingly having absorbed its substance into her. 

She was an odd sight walking along with the golden scepter, using it as a crutch instead of lifting it into the spirit realm where it had all power and authority. 

As she walked with a hobble on the path of holiness, a prince was sent to her from on high. Initially, he didn’t look like a prince at all, for his garb was common and he had no distinguishing marks of a prince except that his face radiated with effervescent love. He had “Square Off’s” attention as soon as she looked into his eyes for when she did, she not only saw his beauty of soul, she saw herself in them and she was beautiful… so beautiful she could hardly believe what she was seeing. 

The prince whose name was “Dear One” gently put his arms around her and told her: “Yes, that’s YOU! I am going to support you until you know of a certainty that not only are you beautiful, but that you have 

what it takes to meet every foe and every situation you find yourself in. You lack NOTHING for ALL things of Christ has given to you are yours.”

Because “Dear One” fully believed this, a mighty transference of faith took place. He had been given the gift of imparting love and faith because he had a pure heart and could see with the eyes of God. 

The impartation he gave “Square Off” was like a transfusion into her bloodstream that could not help but bring forth life. Every cell resounded and vibrated with the word “Dear One” imparted: “You are the Shekinah Glory! You are the bringer of life and glory to all mankind!”

As “Square Off” received and believed the spoken word, she found herself saying: “Yes, “I Am That I Am”… even the Word spoken into being!” As she fortified herself decreeing these words, a wonderful thing began to happen: Inside her physical body was a spirit body and it had no thorn in it. As her spiritual body took on a fully mature form from the words she believed and spoke with faith, it became apparent to her that her spirit body was soon to manifest outwardly. Instinctively she knew that before it could, the dragon had to be faced straight on. 

His stronghold over her SEEIng herself, others and the world through HIS eyes would have to come down. Because she was ready, an angel called “True Seeing” came and sprinkled gold dust on her making it impossible for the dragon to consume her, but he still had the power to try to make her afraid… that is until, “True Seeing” put drops of the balm of Gilead in her eyes. Lo and Behold: the tree of the knowledge of good and evil stood before her and all of its fruit was rotten… so putrefied that an obnoxious stench could be smelled for miles. 

“Square Off” could hardly believe that she had ever eaten  that fruit. Her desire for it left instantly. Instead, her eyes were drawn to the tree of life that replaced it in a flash because she only had desire for God and no other Gods in her heart now. 

She plucked a most glorious golden apple from the tree running with it to her prince. “We both must eat this apple together, she excitedly proclaimed.

It only took one bite and both “Square Off” and her prince were transported to heaven where they were shown the blueprint of their lives… The angel “Purpose” pointed out the thorn and decreed: Now is the time for its removal! You will know what to do after you drink this potion made from the seventh vial. Be empowered in the name above all names and your name manifesting from fusion divine!”

Spirit electricity surged through her body awakening something in her that had been dead a long time… the “Remember Me” message of her Lord… It is true she had remembered Him with her mind, but her heart had not received the memory in its fullest which was the reason she had not had the full victory. 

Multitudes of angels surrounded her crying “Holy! Holy! Holy! Magnify the Lord and you shall see His salvation!”

“Square Off” began singing remembering the song the Day Stars sang long ago, and after she sang and magnified the Lord from a heart filled with joy, she drank deeply of the potion given to her. It was like the new wine given to her long ago when she was baptized in the Spirit, but more potent for this was eternity’s love elixir… Only those who drank this could put on immortality. 

“Dear One” was given the potion as well and after they finished drinking the last drop, they both were carried back to earth to face the battle of the ages… Only LOVE … only those filled with love were a match for the devil… more than a match, because love never fails. 

As “Square Off” and “Dear One” stood united something miraculous took place… The thorn in “Square Off’s” side started to disintegrate. Both through their love for one another were being re-membered. At the same time other members of the body of Christ were being re-membered… the woman was finally being formed. 

With the members of Christ’s body being one, victory was at hand for “Square Off”, “Dear One” and all others like them whose souls had been transformed by love… These re-membered ones who always remembered their Lord with hearts of love were the feet company ordained from the foundation of the world to crush the enemy’s head.

Knowing that she was in complete union with her Lord and with all the other members of His body, “Square Off” was able to take the stand of a lifetime… It was the love of Christ in “Dear One” that put the finishing touch on “Square Off’s make up… His words “Cherish and hold everyone dear” were in his kiss that made her lips beautiful and her heart alive with the spirit of love.

And so it came to pass

that the devil’s head was not crushed by power nor by might… but by the living, breathing spirit of those who re-membered. Now don’t you know?: Not only Square-off”, but YOU can have the victory too, if you RE-MEMBER!!

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