Night Turned into Day

“Night” could not understand why she was so dark and dreary… She had friends who loved her, even true ones whose names were written in the book of life. She did feel loved, so what was her problem?

Trying hard and trying to figure out things all came from eating from the fruit tree of the knowledge of good and evil. There absolutely was no rest or light in doing that and so as long as “Night” continued in man’s wisdom and way of doing things, she was going to be dark and dreary.

Another element of her problem had to do with the source of her light. She did have light within… Every man did, but she chose to look for light outside herself. She did not know that the sun, moon, and the stars were but just for a season

And so it was that “Night” continue to be night UNTIL the day that the mouse, who had always been in her psyche died. This mouse, who was really a spider, had weaved a web of deception in her sub-conscience that had kept “Night” from turning into day.

“And just how could a mouse be a spider?” – In just the way that a man could be a lion and a lamb. Spiritual realities are not seen until they are revealed. Within every man, every thing and every name are many revelations that pertain to the mind, spirit, soul and body.

Look at what a mouse can do in time. It can gnaw away at a house and bring it down… Gnawings (the negatives within the heart that are resentments and irritations that are focused on) are among the most destructive powers in life. They are the little things that rob us of joy and peace and bring dreariness and darkness into our lives.

The mouse is the same as a spider in that both come with the power to bring unwanted outcomes, even a snare that leads to death.

“And just how can the spider/mouse come to its end?”

“You who have the light within shall surely come to know: Behold! The day star is arising in you to turn your night into day! Do you believe it?!”

Categories: Allegories

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