Chastity- The Keeper of Light

Her right shoulder drooped… It couldn’t help but droop for since the day she was born, an invisible weight was placed on her shoulder by “Anti-Christ”, the beastial one from the dark world who purposed to destroy her from birth.

“Chastity” did not know that her name was “Chastity” because her mother hated this name chosen for her by her “Father in Heaven”. Instead, “Chastity” was called “Nothing of Importance”, “Nothing” for short, and it was her name that weighed her down day and night that caused her shoulder to droop.

The “Father in Heaven” had a plan that neither her mother who was called “Aberration”, or “Nothing of Importance” knew about: “Aberration’s” name was to be changed at the time when “The Secret” would be made known, but first, a messenger… even a very dark horse would have to come to expose the darkness by darkness itself.

How “Aberration” hated men! She especially hated her father who she thought didn’t love her. She believed a lie for “Steadfast” did love her, but he didn’t know the ways of love. “Steadfast’s” name was changed to “Hatred of Authority and Judgment against the Priesthood” when he allowed a breach in his heart and lost wisdom as his guide. Because of his hard way in dealing with his daughter putting restrictions of great weight upon her, she could no longer breathe without continually gasping for breath. Fierce hatred against men and against law grew in her heart until her name “Innocence” was obliterated even from her memory. “Worldly Wisdom” became her constant companion, hence nothing of importance came out of her. It was true that worldly acclaim was given to her, but all her accomplishments amounted to nothing.

And so it was that her daughter “Nothing of Importance” lived for many years doing as she pleased with no restrictions, no boundaries, and no laws to guide her. Poor clothes-less child! Her nakedness could be seen by all. She clutched a tattered rag around her, looking everywhere to find the beautiful clothes she dreamed of.

In the fullness of time, the dark-horse called “Prostitution of the Soul” was sent to her and through his coming, she would see not only herself and the deceived and wicked heart she had, but the truth about her whole family line as well. Truly the wisdom of the world had been the family’s life source since Adam. It was the curse of Cain’s sin that continued done to her and the mark was upon her, too.

Soon however, that mark would be replaced by the”Seal of Protection”… the “Seal of Promise”… even the “Seal of Life” that would be given to all who overcame their bestial nature.

“Nothing” was destined to fulfill her destiny as an overcomer, for her true nature, the nature of the Spirit, was “Chastity.” This name given by the “Heavenly Father” would stand against all obstacles and would be revealed in its time.

The dark-horse stood snorting, sending its thoughts into “Nothing’s” mind bombarding it with the words: “I shall overtake you! I have come to mount your pure mind, the hidden mind of the Father.”

“Nothing” stood motionless, and then a veil of tears flooded her, like a water fall dangerously near her senses to crush and destroy them. “Intuition”, her silent friend, stood beside “Nothing”… She wanted to speak, but knew that she would not be heard because of the heightened sound of the crashing waterfall. She would have her say though after the veil was lifted not only off of “Nothing’s” eyes, but also from her heart. Then the secret would be known.

“Can you keep a secret?” “the bluebird of happiness who sat on her drooping shoulder asked her. “Nothing” knew that she could not and hung her head even lower than her shoulders. The blue bird whose name was “Joy” chided: “Of course, you can! I will help you!” And so she placed duck tape on “Nothing’s” mouth. “For the space of a half hour you shall be silent and after your long wait, you, “Nothing” shall be “Something”… You shall be your true name “Chastity” revealed and manifested clothed in righteousness, clothed in beauty, clothed in honor and you shall go to your mother and bow low. You shall honor her, for she was chosen to be exactly who she is … even an aberration so that you would have the opportunity to find your own special way and seal it to yourself. The path of darkness that all of your family members chose will be no more, for you “Chastity” are their lamplighter. Your spirit mother “Love” brought you forth from her chamber eons ago. Yes, you are a beloved keeper of the light and the revealer of the mystery of Christ… even a blessed secret to be made known to all who purchase oil and cherish it.

Now go forth “Chastity”, “Day Star Secret” and let there always be light, for you virgin bride, are something of GREAT importance! You are life, love and a vision of beauty…. a deeply cherished one.

And so are you who are reading this now!!

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