On the Highest Mountain

She was always cordial, except to men because a nervousness would take over her in their presence. “Cordial” was simple in all her ways but whenever she met a man she put on airs and was often haughty. “No man is going to find entrance into my heart”, she told herself.

But as fate would have it, one man did come along who had been given a dream with her in it. He fell in love with “Cordial” instantly because he already knew the real person she was through the dream.

When he met “Cordial” she was picking daisies in a lovely field of flowers. This one who would love her with all his heart spotted her from a distance wearing the same clothing she had on in his dream- a bright red shirt and crisp white pants. She looked sweet and pure with blonde shiny hair flying in the breeze with butterflies of newness of life all around her.

“Treasure” waited until she had stopped picking the flowers before slowly approaching her. His perky voice got her immediate attention as he told her: “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!” His voice was so sweet that “Cordial” who had great discernment sensed he was sincere. Surprising herself, she smiled at him and thanked him for the compliment. She wondered why she didn’t feel nervous around him and it seemed like he could hear her thoughts as he spoke to her saying: “Because I often work with frightened animals, I have been given a special grace from above that not only calms the animals, but the people I meet as well.”

“Do you think God would give me that grace, too?” she asked hoping that indeed she could have some of it.

“Of course!” he replied. “God always gives grace to people who ask and believe that they’ve received what they asked for.”

Treasure” made it sound so simple. “It’s really hot today. Can I get you a drink?” he inquired, pointing to a little lemonade stand by the side of the road.

All of a sudden, “Cordial” was thirstier than she had ever been and responded quickly: “Yes, I would like that!” So the two of them sat down at the small table covered by an umbrella of love that was next to the stand. “Cordial” had never been that relaxed before in the presence of a man and decided it had to be because of the grace “Treasure” had. Then out of somewhere heavenly, a light shower of rain came and “Treasure” instructed her to run with him to his car.

When she was inside it, she marveled at what she saw: There were two huge beautiful doves stationed in the backseat who were cooing with thoughts to her in written form coming out of their eyes telling her. “You belong to this man… You were destined to be together.”

How can I be seeing these words?” she asked incredulously. One of the doves sent another message in the same manner: “You are a writer,” he said, “and because you are, we initially manifested the message to you in the way that best suits you, but now we will speak plainly: “Treasure” is not a writer… He will be one later on in his life at the time appointed by the Father in Heaven. “Treasure” conveys himself through vibrations of love and he responds to like vibrations. Dear one, through him you will learn to be still and to know all things and when God’s grace does its completed work in you through your being with “Treasure”, you will no longer be nervous. He has the gift to impart peace wherever he goes, so stay close to him and never doubt him. It will hurt him if you doubt him!”

The car in that moment turned into a golden chariot whirling through the heavens that took them to the throne of God. When they arrived there, the “Heavenly Father” beamed His love rays through His eyes toward them, stretched His hands upon them and decreed: “You will marry and out of your marriage will come love beings such as the world has never known…. Spiritual beings with eyes of love that will turn this world upside down. You must always pay attention to each other’s hearts and if you obey this command your feet will never falter.”

As soon as this decree was made, a band of angels came carrying vials of oil to be poured over them and at the same time, the sonata doves sang the wedding song called: “I Will Be True” with their words engrafted into their hearts. The cherubim also appeared at the sound of the song to sprinkle rose buds of mercy over them.

They were ready now, but there was one final touch that was needed:… Each of their hearts had to have a door with a golden key put in them. The purpose of this was so that when they were on earth, every person who wanted to know their secret could knock on the door in their heart and be given the key of understanding and love that would unlock their own hearts.

“Treasure” and “Cordial” whose name was changed to “Happily Married” were whisked away in the golden chariot to find themselves on the highest mountain of all on earth… the mountain was called “Forgiveness”.

Can you see them now beckoning you to come to the mountain, too? Can you hear them saying: “It’s the will of the Father!”?

So come now, you who have longing in your hearts… find treasure and be happily married, too!!!

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    • Thank you dear Ritika. Your encouragement has meant so much to me. I thank God for you and am so happy that you won this special award. You deserve the recognition and even more for being one who writes from a loving, tender heart. 🙏❤️ and blessings returned in abundance to you.

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      • Always welcome Dear Michele. Thank you for always inspiring and encouraging me more to write with your beautiful compliments and blessings. God bless you. You deserve this award more than me. Lots of love to you❤️💛


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