Assist Ants

“Destiny” never thought about her destiny, strange as it may seem. “Destiny” was and is a microcosm of the world and being such was blind,… So how could she know her destiny? Only one who sees is able to know what’s coming…. but WHO is there who can make the blind to see?:

“Go to the ant” (Proverbs 6: 6) I say, and learn from who they are and what they do:

Ants are small: Are you little in your own eyes?…. They are not strong, but they prepare for the future: Are you weak, but say you’re strong so the One Who is strong can prepare your future?
…. Ants all live together: Do you dwell in unity with your brethren?…. Ants store up: Do you store up treasures in heaven?…. Ants continually communicate with each other: Are you one who doesn’t fail to communicate and do good?…. They make trail marks that others follow: Do you bear the mark of the Lord Jesus Christ for others to know that they can follow you?…. They share all that they have: Do others praise God for your sharing with them and with everyone else?…. Ants are protectors of the queen: Do you protect the church?…. They feed others: Do you love God’s sheep and feed them?…. They lay down their lives for the good of all: Will you hear Jesus call you “friend” because you lay down your life for others?…. Ants are builders of their homes: Are you building your home on a firm foundation?…. They are hard working: Will you be one to hear our Lord say: “I know your deeds, your hard work and your diligence?”

Truly, if these qualities are found in you… if you are a faithful assistANT in God’s kingdom, the world will know He lives!

“Destiny” is calling you!

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