Getting the Point

“Pointed Nose” created problems for everyone who got near her because her nose became a mouth too quick to speak…. an incredible phenomenon to be sure. There was no question that she had great discernment concerning matters pertaining to others, but because of her harsh mouth in moments of conflict, she drove people away. She had lost her best friends “Repentance” and “The Word” long ago and did not know how troublesome and dirty she was, but she would come to realize it through one called “Word Breaker”.

In the beginning “Word Breaker” and “Pointed Nose” were powerfully drawn to each other and quickly “fell” in love. You might say that they were like apple pie a la mode together- She was the pie and he was the cream, so very sweet together with both of them blind to each other’s crippling faults. Initially it was a good thing that it was this way because a work needed to be done in both of them and they were the instruments of change that God had ordained for each other for this to be accomplished. If in the beginning of their relationship they had seen the problems that they would bring to each other, they would never have formed a bond. Yes, they were in love and oh how hard they would fall! He did not even see her pointed nose and she initially swept his broken promises under the rug because as the old saying goes, “love is blind.”

What neither of them recognized was that an invisible spirit called “Strangulation”, an emissary from the evil one, was there from early on ready to choke them both. Even though “Pointed Nose” had great discernment sensing that “Strangulation” was in their midst, she was distracted by her feelings of love for “Word Breaker” to do anything about this evil spirit. In her carelessness, she didn’t pay attention to the subtle warning of the spirit within her, so she just let “Strangulation” be because all her attention was upon “Word breaker” and all the wonderful emotions she had in being in love. Because she left her guard down, “Strangulation” would be able to accomplish what he was sent to do.

It was oh, so sad that their relationship seemed to be doomed from the beginning. Both “Pointed Nose” and “Word Breaker” truly did have a real love for each other: At least for a time, they were able to look past each other’s outward appearance and ways knowing that great treasures were in both of them and that their destinies were very special. However, “The Flesh”, their greatest enemy, had not been recognized and given its final death blow. A rude awakening was to come for both of them on the day their blind eyes would be opened.

Because “Word Breaker” broke his promise one time too many, “Pointed Nose’s” sharp tongue became a sword that pierced his side and wounded him fatally. His blood was on her hands and how terrible it was! What was she to do??

But don’t you, who are like these two, know?- ALL things, not just some, work for the good for those who love God and are the called according to His purpose. “Mercy” and “Goodness” were waiting all the time to give their blessings to them. They, like “Strangulation” were present with “Word Breaker” and “Pointed Nose” during all their conflicts, but their appointed time to fully manifest had to be delayed. The plan of the Father was that these two would be reconciled, but in order for that to happen “Repentance” had to come to both of them.

Do you know that “Repentance” has to do a work in every man?… that every man is a liar?…. that every man has a mouth that needs to be changed?

How long will it take?! Have you gotten the point that you are to learn from the conflicts in YOUR life? Can you hear the Spirit asking: “WHO is teachable?”…. Are YOU??

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