The Kiss

“Heavy” had lived her name for a long time. She was not visibly heavy in her body, but inwardly in her soul because of being a

“heavy-fisted one” with herself, and sometimes with others. 

Every weakness within and fault made known to “Heavy” punctured her view of herself to such a degree that “Self Hatred”, a self-loathing spirit, gained greater and greater rule over her deep inside. This condemning power influenced so much of what she did along with “Shame”, another entity who reigned in the subconscious realm. 

Her Prince “Laughter”, also known as “Cheer”, had been silenced by these two usurpers for many years, but the hour of awakening had come. His kiss was ordained from on High to remove the thieves who had robbed her so long of life’s flow and joy. 

Hallelujah! “Heavy” was soon to receive her new name of “The Kiss”… even the last name of the family of “Immortal BEing”! Oh happy, HAPPY day!💥

Now to you who read this, I say: “Greet your true self 🌟 and one another with a holy kiss‼️


Categories: Allegories

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