The Charge

“Partition” couldn’t stand herself. She was alone because she was the unwanted child of “Division”, a hateful father who had cast her aside. She had not been conceived in love and all children who were not conceived in love had no foundation. They were split in their personalities from the beginning and could only be trouble for themselves and for others. Yet, “Partition” had a purpose unknown to her that she would fulfill before becoming whole. Oh yes, her negative being would one day become a positive one through “The Charge.”,,,,

Until then “Partition” would go about doing what she was born to do bringing division and strife everywhere she went. She was what she was without a true friend in the world, but she did have one from heaven… an invisible friend who walked with her from the day she was born whose name was “Pious”. He was an emissary from the most High God to be with every child… a silent witness… a standard that had great influence on the inner man. “Partition” was never aware of his presence with her mind, but her intuition knew him well and was deeply aware that she could not measure up to him. It was naturally impossible. It was going to take something supernatural to take place… even “The Charge” to come. But until then, “Partition” would have to wear out all her energy being just like her father “Division” bringing strife, wars, hatred and sorrow everywhere all the time. Her world was filled with tension, self-loathing and every evil work. “Partition” was a microcosm figure of the world.

In the beginning, the first man “Adam” was whole…. It wasn’t the devil’s idea to remove a part of him… It was God’s idea to form woman from out of man. In that beginning, the woman was made from love and although she came out separated in body and soul from Adam, she was not separated in spirit, hence they were in union. But when the woman wanted to be like God instead of letting God be God in her, “Partition” became her name and personality. “Partition” also became Adam’s personality, for the woman was an outward representation of his soul and all men’s souls.

In the moment that the soul recognized her state of being as something she could no longer live with…. even the minute she became aware of her terrible wretchedness, “The Charge” appeared.

The wonder of wonders that existed before time , “The Charge”, was the power to join the negative with the positive and to do beyond that. “The Charge” was the beginning of the “Great Change” and the end of man’s search for the incredible.
“Who… what are you?” “Partition” screamed as the electricity of his power drew near her. She was afraid… Her intuition told her she would never be the same after “The Charge” touched her and it was frightening to think that she would be what she was not…. The unknown has always been frightening to man, but it was this very thing that would be touched by “The Charge” and the unknown would no longer be feared. It would be welcomed because when one is whole, wisdom, understanding and love are present… even the Shekinah glory that is the transforming power that makes all things new. Ah, the name of “Partition” and the hard drive within would be no longer… She would be crowned with the name “Zoe”… the name given to all overcomers.
So: Are you who are like “Partition” ready for “The Charge”?

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