SonShine Come

Sunshine Come

“Bedeviled’s” legs were cut off. Not only was he unable to walk due to it, what was worse: he had no understanding because he was well-bedeviled. When he was a child, he was the only one among seven siblings that was beaten every day by a bedeviled father whose anger was out of control.

Because he was not a compliant child that was born with rebellion in him, he was unable to obey even the smallest command. His mother learned early on that if she were to get him to do what she wanted him to do, she’d have to tell him the opposite of it, and then and only then, would he comply with her wishes.

“Bedeviled’s” thinking was all screwed up and because of the abuse from his father, and the manipulation of his mother, he never felt secure- He never had a sense of belonging… “Fear” was his companion night and day.

“Bedeviled” couldn’t get rid of fear so he put a veil over that face that tormented him and told himself that “Fear” didn’t exist. The veil was actually “Bedeviled’s” self identity… an identity he took on that was not his own. Down deep, “Bedeviled” wanted to BELONG… to be loved, even to be one who could love, but there was an invisible shield around him called “blocker of emotions”. Hence, “Bedeviled”  lived only in his mind for he could not trust his heart, nor anyone else’s for that matter. He had a curious mind with only one section of it able to learn right from wrong.

Because inside of him was a well of tears that flowed over drowning him in sorrow, “Mercy”, an angel, was dispatched from heaven to walk alongside of him. In her great wisdom, she knew not to say a word, for “Bedeviled” could not hear. “Mercy’s” power was not in words, but in the power of compassion she would spray “Bedeviled” with the fragrance of love and he would be comforted for a moment when he smelled compassion. His nose was very discerning when he sniffed kindness, tenderness and gentleness and there would be a small breakthrough in the invisible barrier that blocked his emotions each time kindness was expressed.

The devils in “Bedeviled” didn’t like “Mercy” at all who seemed to be making little headway, so “Goodness”, another angel was dispatched from heaven’s bosom of love to help her. The devils went berserk at her arrival making such a ruckus that “Bedeviled” wanted to kill himself. A decree from “The Most High” prevented him from doing so, for every decree made from the realm of the third heaven had to be obeyed. 

“Mercy” was beginning to have an impact on “Bedeviled” because love along with goodness never fails and “Mercy” was most definitely full of love.

Until the time “Mercy” was sent to “Bedeviled”, law was in control… As long as law’s voice was the only one heard in “Bedeviled’s” head, there was no possibility of his heart becoming softened. Although “Bedeviled” knew full well that law was against him always condemning him, he had no power to get her out of his head. The devils in his body and law beat him up all night and day, just like his father did to him long ago. 

What was “Bedeviled” to do? He was a wretched man with no seeming way to get free.

One day when he was utterly miserable and in despair, “Mercy” beckoned: “Come follow me!” “Bedeviled” was in such a weakened state, he let her take him by the hand. Trembling a little, actually feeling her loving and gentle touch, he asked: “Where are you taking me?” He was smelling her divine fragrance at that point and was willing to go with her. 

Speaking in almost a whisper, she replied: “All of your sins were forgiven on the cross of Jesus Christ and through His blood, you’ve been reconciled back to God! I’ve been instructed to bring you to the “Waters of Repentance”, for it is there that you’ll be washed clean and come alive. You’ll have a new identity and you won’t be “Bedeviled” anymore. You’ll be “Son-shine!”

“All that you have to do now,” “Goodness” chimed in, “is put one foot in… just one step and all the host of heaven will be there….Laughing children will come, ducks will attend your entrance and yes indeed, you’ll be ducky, just like them splashing with delight for the “Waters of Repentance shall encompass you filling you with joy.”

“Bedeviled” could actually hear the words, but they were yet to reach his heart because the devil he didn’t believe in, stood in front of him laughing, announcing to all: “I have the key to his heart and it cannot open to any words of life, because I have the power over him.- He belongs to me!!”

Everyone was stunned, but “Goodness” who was in her right mind and not at all affected by the devil, stopped her foot on the ground- “You may think you have him Mr. Devil, but you do not!! The blood of Jesus paid for his freedom from you. Your key- the key to death and hell has been replaced by the “Master Key of  Life” that trumps every key!”

As she spoke these words, the “Master” Himself, the King of kings, the Lord of Lords, and the Savior of all the world arrived on the scene in fullness of glory and splendor so great that it knocked the devil right off his feet. “Ho Ho Ho!!” the Lord laughed. “I won the victory long ago for you!” He said, winking at “Bedeviled” who was being transformed at that moment. “Mercy” will lead you to these waters, and then “Repentance” will take you in by “Grace’s” hand. You believe in grace, don’t you? I know you do for I gave her to you long ago.

There had never been a baptism like this one… No, not ever! Jesus Himself caused the waters to rise to high heaven. Within these waters was the fullness of life and every person who entered into them in the kingdom age was delivered instantly of every demon that had ever possessed them.

“Bedeviled” was the first one to come into repentance in the Kingdom Age and oh, what a happy day it was. “Son-shine” had come in!!!

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