The Entrance

“Stargate” stood at the “Door of Triumph” and wondered how she could ever enter it. A voice thundered: “Only by being who you are shall you enter in!”

In that moment “Stargate” saw a dark cloud hovering over her head- a dark, ominous one that had gases of deadly thoughts whirling within- the words of the antichrist were contained in those thoughts- words that attacked her name/nature continually.

“Stargate” had never liked her name. “Why didn’t you just name me “Star”, Father?”, she’d ask on the occasions Father   wanted her to see herself as she was. “A gate is only something that someone or something goes through: How can someone or something go through me?”

“Just as my Son is a door, you are a gate with a latch on it and anyone who latches on to you will be brought into another realm, even the realm of splendor- the realm far above the earth and natural thinking- the realm of the heaven of heavens… Yes, you are a star- a day star that shouted for joy when you saw the glory of creation come forth by my Word. You shine bright in my kingdom as do all my daughters, the daughters of Zion, but you have not been created to be an entity by itself. You have been created to bear the fruit of new creations coming forth out of you- ones just like you- daughters who will receive the first dominion of the kingdom. Just as every baby  must come through its mother, daughters must come through you “Stargate”  and through others who bear the same name. Don’t you see how wonderful and perfect you are, “Stargate”? Rejoice in who I am and in who you are! Rejoice in the work I am doing in and through you! I say ‘Shine, “Stargate”, shine! Be who are created to be- even one through whom multitudes will see and become the glory of God. The time is NOW for creation to behold you, my beautiful Bride, for I have come in you and the “Door of Triumph” has opened wide- even “PERFECTION!!” 

Categories: Allegories

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