“Licensed” was oh so free! She had passed her test with flying colors,,, even the sevenfold spirit brilliant rainbow colors and now she could ascend into the heavens with no one or anything to stop her… and she could descend back to earth with the true Word from above that could change peoples’ lives. 

The test she passed was not man’s test, but God’s test given to all those of the Melchizedek order of priesthood before the ordination sealing into the high calling… even “Perfection”   . Man had no such test for the bound inhabitants of the earth realm. Passing man’s test that had to do with the rules and regulations of carnal laws could not give accreditation to that higher order… It was only good for giving men credentials to do the works of the law in the systems of Babylon. The title on all its credentials was “A Certified Doer of Religious Works”… Such were not free as “Licensed” was whose credentials had the title of “A Doer of God’s will” on it. 

Truly she was free to do what wisdom who had a permanent residence in her led her to do. “Licensed” was called to go to every nook and cranny on the earth looking for the….. There would be a few who were wise and mighty who would receive her, but not many. The reason that there were not many was because the traditions of men… all the religious activities of 

dos and don’ts had not only bound them, but blinded them. They could not see that freedom did not come from the observances of all such, but came from following the wind that bloweth where it would…. And that very wind is what would bring them to “Licensed” who would give them the Word of Life at the time appointed. 

Now “Licensed” because she was the Living Word had more than power to preach the word… Her shadow could heal the sick. The light from her face could lighten the countenances of all who saw her. Her feet could trample on every enemy who came anywhere near her and the ones who were sent to her. Her arms could embrace the lost and dying and by the empowerment in them could restore their lives. Her fingers made war all the time tearing apart the webs of deception that entrapped men. Her breasts fed the little ones with milk and her hands fetched all that was needed to make those who would believe  wealthy in the things of God. 

But it was her inner parts that did the greatest damage to the kingdom of darkness for out of her heart came the power of love that could never fail. Out of her liver came cleansing energy that would cause people to desire the life she had. Out of her lungs came the breath of life… Out of her belly came rivers of comfort for the Holy Ghost resided in her belly… Out of her bowels came mercy…. out of her eyes came understanding and revelation… from her nose came discernment… from her ears came hearing… from her lips came kisses… from her tongue came life-giving words… from her thighs came strength… out of her legs came support to carry others… out of her knees bent in prayer came grace. She was the expression of joy, fruitfulness and comfort from above.

Her credentials were in order

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