The Call of Solace

“Solace” was a blessing wherever she went. “I will make you my children” she said to the orphans who had no mothers or fathers to protect them. “I will be a beacon light to you to show you the way to the place where no man or thing shall ever harm you. You, who have suffered long, know that comfort has come and will always be with you.”

She would gather all the widows, orphans and forlorn ones and bring them to the arc of the covenant telling them: “Abide here and angels of mercy will come to minister to you with the bread of life. Listen well to my instructions my children, and you shall not only live, but you shall bring true sustenance to others.”

When they would receive the bread of life, the holy presence of the Father would manifest to them.The fragrance of love would cover each of them so completely, they would know that they were the “living ones raised from the dead” that the whole world was waiting for to come with salvation. These orphans, widows and forsaken ones were the jewels of God’s kingdom that only those who had eyes to see could recognize. These always wore sackcloth of humility over their faces which would only partially hide their beauty and glory, for the light within them was so bright that rays of revelation still could shine through- The eyes of those with supernatural insight were always able to see their glory, even the glory of God

“Solace” had many friends, but she had many enemies as well. “Hatred of Other’s Beauty” despised her and was always working up trouble against her because her jealousy was like a hot burning fire that needed something or someone to consume.

“Hatred” was not her biggest foe though- It was her sister “Comparing Oneself to Others” that stirred up “Envy” which could cause an entire city to follow the ways of the devil and do wicked acts. Legions of demons would accompany these three trouble makers wherever they went.

It was “Solace” who was commissioned by the “Most High God” to do a work of reconciliation. She was not afraid of her enemies because “Love” the living Spirit of God” was one with her and the Spirit would always bubble up inside her with forgiveness whenever “Ugliness” the spirit in her enemies would appear. The perfume of forgiveness had in it the most potent power on the earth for it was the drawing power of the blood of Jesus that would cleanse every man. In their appointed time when their sins would be full, repentance would bring them to the feet of Jesus where the work of humility could work in their lives.

Solace” would hum the tune of “Oh the blood of Jesus” so softly all the time when she was in the presence of her enemies… The demons would always be put into confusion and flee when the beautiful musical sounds flowed out of the Spirit in her. With the evil spirits out of the picture, the minds of her foes could think clearly enough for “Solace” to plant little seeds of love in them. “Solace” was fully aware that remitting their sins and planting holy seeds in them would reap a wonderful harvest in the end.

Beautiful birds of every kind accompanied her during the times when hatred and strife were stirred in the “City of Trouble”… the place that would turn into the greatest joy in the end after judgment completed its ordained work.

The birds of heavenly thoughts were assigned to build their nests on top of the people’s heads. It’s true that many would cast off the nests, but only to have compelling thoughts come again in due season. It was written in “The Book of Destinies” scribed by the prophets of the kingdom that the “City of Trouble” would be converted on the day the Phoenix bird would come to reign as the “King Thought” and would be renamed “Shiloh”, the city of tranquility.

They, like the Phoenix bird rising out of the ashes would rise too fulfilling the work “Solace” was called to do.

And so it came to pass on the day “King Thought” was crowned, a proclamation was made all over the land: “As a man thinks, so he is!… Know that as you receive “King Thought” as your Lord, Master and sovereign King, his new name will become yours!”

Angels came in that moment with a great golden canopy to cover all the inhabitants of the city of Shiloh for “He Whose It is” having eyes to see shall be covered and be called “IMMORTAL”!

“Tenacious”, huh? God is good!!!

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