“Megiddo” came in my tongues

Revelation 16 is about the great battle WITHIN- Armageddon (the battle among the Kings within us that have ruled us). The sevenfold spirit of God comes into conflict with all that is IN THE WORLD within US- the power of the flesh, the world and the devil…

Preston EB writes that the kings within us being fought against are the kings of “pride, jealousy, resentment, criticism,
condemnation, judging, presumptuousness, desire for recognition, authority or control, carnal reasonings, vain imaginations, doubts, false doctrines, fears, anger, frustration, lust, worldliness, and any one of a hundred more.” ………….

“What ever is hidden within us is going to be stirred up in the great terrible day of the Lord- God is striking out at the root of our desires, our opinions, our pride, and our self-confidence and self will… This great end time battle is for identifying these kings so that we can see them, recognize them for what they are, and destroy them from our lives.”

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