It was’t long after “Godly” had been given her jewels, the reward for her being “real”, that she embarked on the river of rivers to her destination,… even “the end of time”.

As “Godly” stepped into the ship- the relationSHIP of a man and a woman (union between spirit and soul), she realized that she wasn’t fully dressed. All on her body was completely covered in a glorious white flowing material manufactured by “Grace”, but there was no covering over her heart. It was fully exposed and because it was not covered, it was open to deception. 

How many realize that in the final journey into eternity that deception is the last enemy to be defeated? Who is there among men who know that the heart is deceitful and exceedingly wicked?

The Most High God had decreed that the final test for His own would be in the day called  “Micaiah-Day”… the day of testing for His elect to try them if they know the ways, mind and heart of God or not.

And so “Godly’s” turn to be tried had come. “Godly” flowed in the spirit like the “River of Rivers” she had now embarked on: Her mind had become keen to be able to perceive the moving of the Spirit and she was able to hear the Spirit’s voice clearly for others, but she was yet to know her own heart. This river- this ship- this union that was appointed to her would provide the means of discovery for the deepest of the depths of her own heart to be revealed.

The ship called the “Discovery of True Love” had one other passenger, a captain and a crew of messengers from above on it. The passenger’s name was “Distant Love”.

“Godly” was being called to relive the love relationship of a broken one in her ancestral line in order to understand a driving force deep within her that made her unable to love in full intimacy. It was “Distant Love’s” mission to help “Godly” to get in touch with her truest emotions which was something she had not been able to do. 

The “River of Rivers” sang the “Melody of Love” as it flowed towards its destiny. Its sounds with notes from a higher symphony not known to man, had the power to drive away the black birds.

 that came in the night to torment “Godly” when she was asleep. Her life had been protected by the “Melody of Love” from the time she was in her mother’s womb and the “River of Life” was there even then; She had bathed in it and gloried in it, but never had embarked upon the river until now, when her final test had come to try her.

“Distant Love” fell in love with “Godly” the minute he saw her- She was what he  thought he desired, but he did not know his own heart either. Both would come to know not only their own hearts, but the ones of their ancestors that had impacted them … And more importantly, they would come to know the heart of God.

One day toward the end of their journey, “Distant Love” and “Godly” dove into the deepest part of the river and both were naked and unashamed when they did. “Distant Love” asked “Godly” to become his beloved one when they were in the secret place of treasures. The desire to have her came because the wonder of the treasures filled him with overwhelming ecstasy and also because “Godly’s” beauty increased sevenfold due to the brilliance of the light that penetrated and filled her in that place. “Distant Love” also shined with the same glory and looked magnificently appealing to Godly” as well. Wishing her answer could have been “yes”, with great sadness she replied: “How can I become yours when I don’t know my heart and although you think you do, you don’t really know yours either?”

In that moment a giant oyster was compelled by an unknown power to open itself up and when it did, a glorious pearl, even the “Pearl of Great Price” was revealed in all its splendor. A voice from heaven thundered and great lightning flashes came with it, even rays from Melchizedek’s throne in heaven shining on the waters of the river. “THIS is your heart’s desire “Glory”!- This is why you were put on earth. Will you take it as your own… or will you be like your ancestors who broke each others’ hearts, blindly seeking after what could not satisfy them?

Will you embrace suffering as though it were the greatest of all gifts?- Will you embrace and glory in the cross?- If you do, the pearl of great price will be yours and you will be able to interpret the wonders of the Lord:

“For he who could interpret would be dissolved and would become that which is interpreted. Solomon 26: 12-14

Enoch awaits you at the river’s end. Will you become shipwrecked through mortal love or will you be like Enoch who was translated that he did not see death? The decision is yours to make!”

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