Power Loosed

Rushing Wind Loosed

“Rushing Wind” was held back from doing His job on earth, but unhindered in the heavenly realm he was free to stir up excitement wherever he went. Oh how he loved being the “Power of Love” and could hardly wait for the time he would  be loosed to accomplish his assignment on earth. 

The angels “Fortitude” and “Manipulation”, one good, one bad, were also called to come forth with him at the appointed time when the earth was ripe to make choices. 

One forlorn one who was overtaken by a wrong attitude desperately needed a name change. She had been called “Sniffles” on the day she chose to look to man to give her joy instead of looking to God. It was a very bad decision because her best friend “Joy” could no longer remain friends with her due to her choice. Instead, taking “Joy’s” place,  “Trouble” came along giving wrong advice constantly. “Sniffles” did not like “Trouble” at all, but they were tied together by a heavy rope which could not be untied until “Sniffles” repented. That was not going to come about easily, for “Sniffles” had been the way she was for a very long time and was blind to the reason why.

Fortunately for her, the recording angel was on assignment on her behalf. “The Recorder of Life-Words” carried the scroll written before “Sniffles” was born that had “Sniffles’” destiny in it and her job was to report to “Higher-ups” whenever those in her charge spoke the words written in their scrolls. So far, no words spoken by “Sniffles” matched the words written in the scrolls and because of this “”Rushing Wind” was held back from being sent to her. 

Alas, “Trouble” was growing bigger every day that “Sniffles” did not speak words of life. If something didn’t change, “Sniffles” would be crushed by “Trouble” grown up to be a giant. 

“Sniffles” had a mate called “Revival” who disappeared from her life because he could no longer bear her constant sniffling and her hardly ever being happy. He was called to help her, but was unable to do so because her eyes became fixed on him instead of on the One Who sent him to her. This very thing was the predicament that all the inhabitants of the earth were facing: “Was the love of their heart upon God or was it upon what it was that they desired?”  

“Desire”, which is neither good nor bad in itself, was the queen ruling in every man’s heart. It is “Desire” who determines the outcome in every man’s development. Sigh! Oh what a mess the earth was in because of men’s desires for the wrong things… Great, great wickedness was everywhere and hardly anyone was doing anything about it because of their inordinate desires. 

“Sniffles” had not yet learned that she could not live for herself and be happy. Her desire for a mate was in reality a desire to fulfill herself and hitherto her eyes had been blinded to this. If she did not realize it soon, “Sniffles” would become “Great Tribulation” instead of “Joy Fulfilled”, the name written in the “Book of Life” that she was destined to live out. 

Because “Holy” had been written in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ on her forehead, it would soon come to pass that by “Grace”, she would make the right decision. The time had come for “Rushing Wind” to be loosed and for each man to choose between “Manipulation” and “Fortitude”… If man chose “Manipulation” to be with him, his life will be overtaken by witchcraft and the Devil would gain full rule over him.  If he chose “Fortitude”, his life would be strengthened to do the will of God, and God would reign as King over all inside of him. 

As “Sniffles” realized her need of repentance with the breaking of a new dawn in her heart, her true self, the “Real I” shouted words of life from the depth of her being.: “I am the Bride… I am the Beloved… I am love! I am the one called to live for others and not for self. I AM THAT I AM, that I am, … that I AM!!

 Of my, how the winds of “Rushing Wind” were astir: They blew, and blew and blew until all the dust on “Sniffles” was blown away… until she became the bright shining sun “Joy Fulfilled” that she was destined to be.

Yay! On this day, “Sniffles” was no more…  the kingdom had come in her and death was overcome!! Hallelujah!! 


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