A Word From Illumination

“Teachable Spirit” was trying hard to learn, but she had a mental block due to her upbringing as a child. Because there had been no teaching or training to work hard, not only was she stunted in her growth to perform well, she was stunted in her capacity to think things through to clear conclusions.

“How can this come from not having been trained to work hard?” she questioned. 

Words sprang up in her mind like a mighty fish ascending up from the deep clearly making the answer apparent. “If people do not have goals- if they do not know they have the capacity to reach them, it is like having muscles that have never been exercised. The muscles not only do not develop their potential, they deteriorate and can become so weak that they can no longer function.”

Recognizing her need for help, “Teachable Spirit” cried out to the one who could deliver her. This faithful One appeared  in that instant having soap in His hand. He admonished her gently but unequivocally: “You must wash away all the cants in your thinking, your unbelief, and all your doubts, for if you allow them to remain, I cannot help you- Understand that soap alone will not do the work. You must draw water from the well of life deep within you and then, the power of soap and water (the LIVING word of God) will accomplish the desired end.

“Teachable Spirit” gratefully heard the instruction and, taking the soap from her beloved’s hand, set out to get her bucket list. “Inspire me!” she cried out to “Wisdom”, “for without your inspiration, I cannot succeed.”

And so it was that “Illumination” came to her from the throne above declaring: “I will be with you every step of the way. Your path is to trust and obey. Will you do that? If you do, all will know through your light that I have the power to change everyone who trusts and obeys me. I, your Lord, am your light “Teachable Spirit” and your savior… even the Savior of the World!”


Categories: Allegories

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