The Prize

“Run, run, run to win the prize! If you don’t run, you won’t get it!” the angel who was called “Early Rising” warned.  “Troubled”, who was always troubled, was this way because she carried a heavy backpack filled with unnecessary, troubling things like worry, fear, doubt and unbelief. 

Because she ate “Manna Delight”, the daily food from Heaven, and hid the Word of God in her heart, what was in her backpack remained on the outside of her… However, because she still carried it and because it was oh so heavy, she was unable to run the race unencumbered. Her name “Peace” had been changed to “Troubled” the day long ago when she chose to carry what was not supposed to be carried, she would now need to get back her stolen name before she could run the race with all her might.

“Troubled” aka “Peace Lost” had made her choice to carry the heavy load because she misunderstood God’s Word  that stated: “Many are the troubles of the righteous,” which was not a proclamation to EXPECT troubles and to receive them readily as she had supposed. 

Yes, troubles would come, but they were not from God and there would always be a way out of them. Her coming to understand this would be her becoming “Becoming” and then “Freedom”, her espoused mate, could finally join her on the path to “Victory”. 

“But, but, BUT??,” she continued to ask her Lord: “Aren’t we to embrace suffering? Doesn’t your Word tell us that “If we suffer with Christ, we’ll reign with Him?”

In His wisdom, the “All-Knowing One” did not immediately give her an answer… As in the cooking of a delicious stew, the ingredients needed to be added one at a time and simmer a while for the taste to become just “right”.

Deep within this troubled one, the simmering place of faith’s substance needed to be activated… even the abode of reigning rainbows. So when true thoughts came forth out of her treasure house, one arose as her answer with life-changing power:… “Expectation must always be for GOOD to come, NOT evil!!” erupted the crowning thought along with the confirming Word: “Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely,

whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things!!”

Oh how the Holy Spirit kicked with joy within her belly and immediately the waters of life gushed forth proclaiming : “NOW the fulfilling work of the Prince of Peace can be done! Kick “False Expectation” out who has been in you far too long and become all that you were ordained to be-  a “ForeRUNner” of the fullness of God…even  CHRIST manifested bringing peace on earth and good will to man!

Truly, truly the prize can be won by those who are EXPECTING!!”

Categories: Allegories

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