Shiloh’s Trump

“Come!” “Shiloh,” the city with a voice beckoned: “Come into me and receive your inheritance- Come make your destiny sure, for my wine shall secure it for you and shall satisfy your soul.”

No one heard her in that moment except one from the tribe of Judah who readily entered into her. This one, a prince called “Abel Resurrected,” even “Breathing Spirit,” knew that the ruling scepter was to be found in Shiloh. Upon hearing her voice say “Come,” he was ready. He had been circumcised in his heart in the Holy of Holies on the eighth day, the day of new beginnings, and was made ready for his flesh life had been removed.

Standing at attention to the still voice within and now to hers, every move made would be ordained of the Lord and written in Heaven’s books. The ability to count the stars and know their names was his because he had wrestled with the beasts within him and had overcome them.

His horse “Majestic Power” was ready to ride into new territories and this resurrected one had with him his bride “Purity,” who sat securely on a stallion called “Honor” given to her as a prize for her faithfulness.

“Seek and you shall find,” the blue birds of happiness cooed over them fluttering their wings with delight. “The day of your arising has come and treasures are to be found not only within you in the secret place, but in the outer world that awaits your coming. Every man has a gift within them that will come forth in this great Day of “The Most High God”’s power. You will see what is in their hearts and draw out of them not only their gift, but the very life that they were intended to have. Because you have been resurrected and have your bride at your side, you have resurrection life to impart. Truly the seeker of wisdom shall find it and many jewels, even the pearls that come through much suffering, will appear in their beauty for all eyes to see.

Look now, and behold the vast army of resurrected ones standing on top of the mountain of “Acquisition,”… even the manifested sons of God that the whole world has been groaning and moaning waiting for. They, like you, have heard the voice of Shiloh, and can make war on their enemies and destroy them because peace and righteousness are in them. The ground their feet are standing on is faith and they have been made ready.

You, “Breathing Spirit” and your bride “Purity,” shall lead them victoriously for the scepter is in your hand… As the head of the army along with “Purity,” you have the mandate to give life, and so shall it be that the putting off of mortality and the putting on of immortality shall come forth because men have been led into it by you.

All know that it is the Spirit and the Bride who say “Come,” and ALL shall come in due order as the faithful who have overcome the world, the flesh and the devil finish their work.

A hush came upon all standing on the mountain in the realization that the day had come when the “Banner of Love” covered each and every one of them… The banner emitted a fragrance that was like a balm that not only brought healing, but had power with it to penetrate new life, even renewed youth into all who receive the Word of life. 

How many have known that it is only love that can heal?… that it is only love that can deliver?… that it is only love that can save?… that it is only love that never fails and has  eternal power?

The ram’s horn blared with a loud piercing, yet lovely sound that all could clearly hear: “It is time to know that “He Whose It Is” has come. It is time for blind eyes to see and for deaf ears to hear and even greater miracles than these. It is time for the earth to be cleansed of her filthiness, for men to repent and for the salvation of the Lord to be made known among ALL the inhabitants of the earth. 

The holy march has been commissioned to God’s faithful army for the enemy to be crushed under the blessed feet of these sanctified ones.”

Can you hear them coming??

Categories: Allegories

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