Caliber’s Twitch

“Caliber” couldn’t understand why she wasn’t being used in the kingdom of winning souls. She was of the finest caliber, but a twitch that would come unexpectedly on her was her problem. This twitch attracted demons who would bring confusion and upset into her life and because of it, she was unable to obey her Commander’s order to “relax”.

“Where did this twitch come from?” she wailed. 

“Hellfire” was the answer. Caliber did not yet know that the source of hellfire was her tongue along with the spirit motivating it.

This little allegory has been an eye-opener for me: In the natural, stress and anxiety can cause twitches in the body, but understanding of what it can do in the spirit and what’s behind it came with added insight when I read this definition in the dictionary: “A twitch is a stick with a noose at the end of it that is twisted around the upper lip or ear of a horse to subdue it.” 

As a horse symbolizes power, I see the twitch as being a switch in the devil’s hands subduing and  overriding God’s ruling power through man’s unrighteous anger. I don’t believe that it’s by chance that “witch” is in the word “twitch”. When we react in our flesh in anger, it usurps the rule of the Holy Spirit in us and our tongues are set on fire, even hell fire. Human force motivated by unrighteous anger is a controlling spirit, even “WITCHCRAFT” with demons, confusion and more activated through it. There is no way to relax when witchcraft is at work,

The spirit of anger, no matter how slight it is, changes the atmosphere and can affect the hearing of what is being spoken in a negative way… It is not the soil in which the seed of truth can be conceived in soul winning. God’s kingdom can not come while man’s anger is in control. 

In the Book of Clement, it is recorded that Jesus was asked WHEN His kingdom would come, He answered (paraphrased in my words): When we speak the truth in love, when the inner is as the outer and when ANGER and lust no longer have rule over us. Oh how necessary it is for us to have self-control which is only possible through God. His kingdom can not come within us without it!

While I was praying in tongues,“Kylie Day” came and what a “Wow” it was for me!: Kylie’s name means ““boomerang” which ties right in with this message. The Lord is revealing that THIS is the day in which all that we have put out will be returning to us… Anger begets anger, love begets love, hate begets hate, mercy begets mercy, and judgment begets judgment. I believe that the “Kylie (boomerang) Day” is another way of saying that the judgment day is here NOW!

Maurice Nicol, a writer whose words have been life to me, wrote of a dream he had in which he was miraculously transported from one mountain to another. In the valley below were the bones of prehistoric animals. The span size between the two mountains was not that wide, but a miracle was needed because it was not possible to cross over it naturally. This shows that it will take a miracle to bring us into a new state of being…even the state of “NON-VIOLENCE” as our way of life. “Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright call Lynn for the end of that man is PEACE.” Psalm 37:37

The dead prehistoric beasts’ bones in Maurice’s dream symbolize the fighting nature OVERcome while the crossing over represents going from one st(age to another st(age) in the development of the inner being. Oh happy day when the angels sing “Peace on earth and good will toward men” over US!. 

How we need to realize that it is only through meekness, not pride, that we can come into this glorious st(age) of being… It is by meekness, perseverance, faith and love that we’ll be enabled to come into our Sabbath day, even the rest we’ve been commanded to enter into. It is through the role of meekness that the souls we’re longing to see saved can be won. “In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth.” 2 Timothy 2:25 

Our pride in thinking that WE can convince someone of the truth can build up steam in us with a zeal that subverts the hearing of the one we are trying to win. Contrary to what we suppose, our forceful way can not win souls. 

I wondered why the word “kingdom” of winning souls was used in the allegory instead of simply “the winning of souls” and this understanding came: The etymology of “kingdom” is: “the next world, the hereafter”. It reveals that our inheritance (nations with souls won to the truth) is next after our deliverance from the twitch…. after the “Boomerang Day”…. after our entering the rest. Our bodies shall manifest the healing we have long awaited for in obeying the command to “relax” and finally then, there shall be no dis-ease! Praise, praise, praise the Lord!

How I love the allegorical name“ Caliber”: In this unveiling of the truth that I have personally needed, “Caliber” (Quality) was found to be of the finest caliber. Truly, that’s how God sees us when our hearts are right with Him. We are called to see ourselves in this way as well, for the twitches, weaknesses, habits, etc. are not held against us. They are simply the material that is ordained to be exchanged for God’s glory. Hallelujah! All praise be given to God for the perfecting of His own…. for the miraculous “CROSSing over”!

It is interesting that “caliber” also has the definition of “the width of the inside of a pipe, especially of the long cylindrical part of a gun, or the width of a bullet”. (Measurement). Indeed, we are His firearms (fire-power) first purified, measured, and then qualified as ministers of fire who will judge the mount of Esau (flesh) and win souls…We are the destined ones who are coming to know how to use fire in order to purify, not destroy, without getting burned or burning up others. We have come through our many fiery trials in order to become the consuming fire that will bring in the new heaven and the new earth… Yay, we are “Caliber” in deed‼️

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