“Curtailed” cried out:”Give me a new name! I don’t like being who I am!” There he was wrapped in heavy black chains unable to set himself free. He knew the name he was to call upon: He called out to that most holy name “Jesus” many times with all his might, but he was blind to the fact that Jesus is the way, the TRUTH and the life. Without being in union with truth, the speaking of the name Jesus and calling upon it was of no avail.

“Curtailed” was not yet willing to face the truth about himself. He had a whole wardrobe of religious garments that he decked himself with putting them on over the chains so no one would suspect that he was all bound up. He quoted scriptures daily, went to all the religious gatherings he could find and worshipped God in their midst with the loudest voice of all. The speeches, teachings and preaching of the few “Surrendered Ones” would soothe him and calm him momentarily. He had great discernment knowing the Lord’s voice in His people who were pure and they were a great comfort to him. As long as he was with them, he felt safe. 

But when he was home after he did all his religious rituals and put away all his Phylacteries, he felt alone and barren. It was then that the voices in his mind shouted all their obscenities. Try as he might through washing his hands over and over again and through taking many, many showers in his desire to be clean inside, the voices could not be stilled. 

These voices were demons that could not be evicted until strongholds were taken down… even the strongholds of religion that came through his bloodline. 

Oh how pure and good religious  practices seemed to this one. He could never be set free until he recognized that they were homosexual in nature, but alas!, the religious people he most highly respected blinded him with their good works and high minded religiosity. Their compromise with the world and its standards went by undetected. None suspected how deadly mixture was and is, because of the anointing that was there in the mixture… None realized that the five foolish virgins that were cast into outer darkness were/are a representation of the fivefold ministry at the end of the church age, and most of all, none realized that men admiring and following men, was a spiritually homosexual act that opened doors which invited homosexual thoughts to come in… even demonic voices of torment to those like “Curtailed” who sincerely wanted to be clean within and to please God. 

“Curtailed” was miserable but he put on a happy face and required everyone else in his life to put on a happy face, too. His little world got shaken though, when the Most High God sent one called “Transparency” into his life. Oh how “Transparency” loved this one. She totally unveiled herself letting him see both the good and bad in her, being like a bright flashing neon sign saying: “This is the WAY to life, joy and peace.” “Curtailed” knew “Transparency” was on the right path, but he was blind in seeing that he was walking on a different one.

He was using the same kind of deception that Abraham and Issac did when they covered up the truth saying “She is my sister.” about their wives. When one speaks a word that is true to DECEIVE, that word is made into a LIE. Oh how wicked self-deception is! It thinks deceiving others goes unnoticed by them and worse, unnoticed by God. 

THIS is why “Curtailed” was curtailed and could not get the help he needed to route out the demons who tormented him. 

On the day he’d be willing to look into the all-revealing mirror of God, let his candle search the innermost parts of his belly and face himself, he would be FREE…. That day was coming! Oh happy, HAPPY DAY when religiosity is no more and “Curtailed’s” name is changed to “Honesty”!

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