The Question

“Shepherd -Centurion” stood at the gate”. No trespassers were allowed! She stood tall and strong in her assigned position because she knew authority, was under authority, and hence was able to use authority.

One called “Nomad” who had lost his way, in fact one who had lost everything, approached her believing he would be allowed into the new realm of “Pure and True Being.” “Let me in!” he cried. 

“Shepherd” knew this one had the potential to enter only if he embraced the cross. He had a good start which was “Desperation” which was the only starting point for entering into a fixed, blessed state of being, but whether or not “Desperation of Self” would be the desired outcome was the question. Most were not able to come into this new state because their desperation was just the result of feeling their loss. It was not accompanied with a desire for change. 

“Help, help, HELP me!” “Nomad” continually cried at the gate. It seemed cruel to him that the only thing Shepherd did was extend the cross she had in her hand to him. “This is the way!” she gently told him. “If you embrace the cross, you will be allowed in.” 

Would he?!?

Categories: Allegories

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