She’s Beautiful

“Shekinah Glory” was ready to make her appearance. She had waited long for the moment of revelation to her bridegroom who stood at the door to the “Palace of Expectations Come True”.

Her glory was unspeakable; it was so great. The eyes of her Beloved were steadfastly upon her as she moved swiftly towards him with “Grace” who was one with her. Everything seemed so perfect in that moment, but there was a stumbling block in her path-… the nagging thought that she wasn’t all she was supposed to be…. It was the block that always appeared before anything good was to happen for her and it came because of her tendency to look at appearances which were not real. 

“How can I be the glory of God” she would ask herself, “when I don’t look like it?”

She didn’t know that because she had been born in the “Kingdom of False Appearances”, the hold  of its cultural influence held her tightly in its grip. Her outward appearance had deceived her into thinking it was her truth. 

“The Beloved” saw her beauty within that shone like the sun and that beauty made her name what it was. He was ravished by her and in the twinkling of an eye, her perception of herself was going to change. 

The whole world around her looked at outer appearances and was deluded into thinking that they had true substance.

It would take a lifetime for most to cast off the filthy rags of outer beauty:… It would take their looking at old age as a gift from God to strip away the false perception of what matters. 

Most would succumb to believing what was not real was their truth, but for the very few who called out from the depth of their being to know THE truth, it would be different…. They would wear the overcomer’s crown and become “Pure Essence”, the Shekinah Glory made manifest. The power of transformation would come from the Beloved’s eyes beholding her and then her beholding herself in his eyes. 

As he watched her coming toward him, very much aware of the stumbling block in her path, he spoke to it with great authority: “Stumbling block, be no more! My bride shall know who she is now and never doubt who she is again!”

His words had miraculous power in them that never came back void always performing the intention behind them. His breath was dew covering her entire being, renewing her youth transforming her completely. Indeed, she became “Fully Manifested Shekinah Glory” in that moment for the prize of “Knowing” was hers and would always be hers.

Yes, she knew what only one who is loved could know:… “Self- Acceptance, Love and Joy” is the PRIZE!!

Categories: Allegories

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