Borrowed Time

“Borrowed Time” was running out of time… She had been sidetracked from her calling by not setting priorities. It was not that she was doing things that weren’t needful, but allowing the needs of others to occupy her attention caused her not to designate specific time for doing what she was ordained to do by the Most High God. 

“Borrowed Time” had never been disciplined in goal-setting and due to her lack of knowledge and her inconsistent ways, an angel called “Orientation” was sent to assist her. “Orientation” knew that it was not going to be easy to accomplish her task, because “Lackadaisical”, an imp from the “Dark One”, had accompanied “Borrowed Time” since the time she was a little girl. It had been easy for “Lackadaisical” to gain entrance into her life because “Borrowed Time’s” mother “Pleasure Lover” never instilled into her the necessity of working hard. “Pleasure Lover” had had a very strict father who had overworked her and laid down every loss upon her during the years of her youth. Consequently, she reasoned that her daughter should have a life opposite of hers. Unfortunately for both her and her daughter, this way of life had consequences that were not good.

“Borrowed Time” had many talents that were untapped… She had no idea of what she could do, but that was about to change for  plans in the heavenlies had been made before “Borrowed Time” had ever been born. They were written on “Borrowed Time’s” scroll whose name before she came to the earth was “Creative Imagination.”

“Orientation” made a loud announcement to “Borrowed Time” as she greeted her: “You have a very, very great destiny-You must listen to me well and obey all that I instruct you to do in order to fulfill it. Are you ready to follow me now?”

Upon hearing these words, “Lackadaisical” put up quite a commotion. She actually had a temper tantrum which caused “Borrowed Time” to turn her full attention away from “Orientation”… She was diverted so much by “Lackadaisical” that “Forgetfulness”, another evil imp, attached herself to “Borrowed Time”and also, “Mind Control” appeared who had been with “Borrowed Time” in the unseen realm for a very long time. 

“Orientation” understood well the tactics of the enemy and was shocked by the takeover.  Not discouraged from her mission, she called for reinforcement by blaring a loud trumpet that had power over all enemies by its earth-shaking sound that could be heard everywhere. “Orientation then decreed: “This day deliverance shall come to the clan named  “Small Thinking” – Every person in this family shall hear the sound of deliverance and come forth to behold the glory that was known before the foundation of the earth.”

Many many angels were dispatched to help “Borrowed Time” at the sound of the trumpet and upon hearing “Orientation’s” decree. They surrounded “Mind Control” and “Lackadaisical” making it impossible for them to get near “Borrowed Time”. They remitted “Borrowed Time’s” sin of her youth through which “Mind Control” came which then gave back “Borrowed Time” the ability to gain back her senses and to remove “Forgetfulness” from her life. Consequently, “Borrowed Time” was able to realize what had taken place long ago and to fully repent. Along with the Angels, authority was taken to cast out mind control and strategy came alive through which creativity, salvation, revelation and repentance to the “Small Thinking” family.

“Orientation” instructed “Borrowed Time”:

1. First you must pray to the “Most High God” to reveal his mind and ways to you asking for wisdom, not only to plan your day, but to help you make every decision before you act- Then, “Presumption” and “Assumption”, who have been with you far too long, will gradually lose their hold.

2. You must use your heavenly gift of tongues before you do anything, asking for interpretation of them.

3. You must sit in silence before your great Lord and King afterwards, basking in His love for you.

4. You must meditate on the Word of God and hide it in your heart.

5. You must then make the decrees of life that He puts in your heart and mind.

6. You must believe and go about doing what is in your heart to accomplish knowing that whatever He places in your hand shall be blessed.

7. You must speak words of blessing on all you do and upon all the people who are put on your mind and you come before you.

8. And last of all, you must praise, rejoice and give thanks continually.

Are you ready “Borrowed Time”?

She was ready!! Very soon she would be called by her new name:

“Redeemed Time.”

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