I Am Coming!

“Supple” was a praying woman who loved freely- She never looked at what she could get from others, but always at what she could give to them. Consequently, the God of all creation, her God, provided all her needs. He put it on “Supple’s” heart to pray for “Unteachable” instructing her to always pray in the palace for this one. “Supple” prayed constantly for everyone, everywhere she went, but it could only be from in the palace treasure room that revelation could come concerning “Unteachable”.

It was true that because man loved his own sins that blindness to the truth was prevalent… “Supple” knew this, but there was a deeper depth of understanding that she was to gain by dwelling in the palace and “Unteachable” was the instrument God chose to use to get “Supple” to make her home there. Yes, she could go in and out at the direction of the “Holy One” in her, but her dwelling was to always be in the palace.

“Supple” was a witness to all mankind for being supple is most important in learning the lessons of life. “Unteachable” hated this one because each time she got near her, conviction came in her heart that she was not who she was supposed to be. “Unteachable” like being hardhearted and willful and those qualities put her in control and oh, how she loved the feeling she had in rising up over man.

One day, a small ant called “Contrary” somehow sneaked into the palace…. All in the palace were aflutter because they knew that “Contrary” had no right to be in the palace, but “Supple” was unaware of “Contrary’s” presence. “Contrary” was so very small and because “Supple” had a speck in her eye, she didn’t see her. “Supple” was very-soft hearted and easily corrected, yet “Contrary” was there because “Contrary” was an outward witness of the enemy inside “Supple” that needed to be dethroned- a very small enemy, but an enemy that, if not evicted, could change her form and size to become a very formidable one, even “Hatred”.

In the kingdom, every enemy had to be addressed the moment it appeared, for the King’s command was to take every thought captive. Those who did not do this had to live in the outer courts, never inside the palace and never, never, NEVER  in the treasure room-… “The Holy of Holies.”

The spec in “Supple” became enlarged and one of the King’s princesses, a favorite daughter called “Calm and Assuring”, noticed it. This one was “Supple’s” best friend, so when “Calm and Assuring” approached her with a poultice, “Supple” had no resistance to it being placed on her eye. “Calm and Assuring” knew that the poultice in itself could not remove the spec- … a spoken word had to accompany that which was to be revealed by the “Holy Spirit”.

The king’s daughter spoke the needed word through the gift of tongues which was the instrument ordained to begin the healing. “You should have the interpretation of my tongues in three days,” she spoke to “Supple”, “so rest now in the knowing that help will be given for you to see the truth. During your time of rest, all that you are to do is to give praise and thanks to God, and most importantly, you are to fully realize you can do nothing in your self. You have known this in your mind, but deep down in your heart, you have not grasped that you are incapable of doing anything for yourself or for anyone else. That you have not fully understood this is the reason why you have condemned yourself and others. Know that all have been playing their part in the coming of the “Great Real I” nation, the family of God in glory. Dear, dear “Supple”: soon you shall bear the name “ I am that I am.” When it is sealed on your forehead, on your arm and on your heart, you shall go forth just as Moses did to set God’s people free. All of creation is waiting for you and waiting for the hour of the “Great Real I” nation. Now do as you are instructed and then “Contrary” will have no place in you or in the palace, and when your obedience is fulfilled, “Unteachable” will become “Teachable.” The “Day of “Reckoning” is at the door, for don’t you know that in reckoning your self dead to sin, you shall not sin?? All the specs in one eyes… the specs in the eyes of others shall be gone after this is done, and you shall enter in the day of the “Great Real I” nation.

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