Coconut Head- Day of Rosh Hashanah

Today I had a vision of myself with a coconut as my head which cracked open upon my falling the ground.

The coconut is not considered to be a nut although “nut is in its name: Its slang meaning is “the head”. It’s a “drupe” (a fruit) and the etymology of drupe is “STONE-fruit”…. “wrinkled olive”… “tree-ripened”…. “be firm, solid, steadfast”…. from “to cook, ripen”.

I thought of the stone cut out of the mountain coming forth that Daniel prophesied- the righteous first-fruit stone/seed of Christ. And then John 12: 24 came to mind concerning my head hitting the ground: “Unless a kernel of wheat FALL into the earth and die, it abides alone…” The coconut “head” must fall on the earth as well and it shall be opened up in doing so with meat for others. It is at the time that the death to self is brought about by the grace, power, spirit, blood and name of our Lord that we become the head, no longer the tail which we seem to have been for a long time.

The coconut is the fruit of a palm tree (the tree that represents righteousness) Psalm 92: 12: “The righteous man shall flourish as the palm tree”….

I looked up many of the scriptures about righteousness and realized how so much hinges on righteousness… Yay, the Sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings for those who fear Him…. for those who are righteous and bear its fruit!!
Hallelujah‼️It’s beginning!

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