Miracles are Coming

This vision caused me to rejoice as well: I heard the word “miracles, mIracles, miracles” and saw honey bees in combustion becoming stars; gold dust was coming down out of these stars onto the people on the earth. I see the bees as representative of prophecies that are exploding… our transformation is taking place and we are becoming FULL of light, even light bringers which have divine substance (gold dust) who will bring change to the people (the dust that has been the devil’s meat.)

“Saviours (deliverers/judges) shall come forth on Mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau.” Obadiah 1: 17. Hallelujah that we will be able to judge the flesh in others with righteous judgment because we have judged our own flesh.

I am still calling the things that are not as though they were concerning my body… “Baca, baca, baca” keeps coming in my tongues but at the same time, the word “Kaballat” has been given to me … I believe the receiving of the Bride “Kaballat Shabat” is taking place because of the circumcision of her heart and that shortly the body will manifest what has taken place in the spirit.

I know many believe we’ll be taken off the face of the earth in a physical rapture, but the kingdom is within… Mount Zion is within…. the throne is within …. the bedchamber is within. The king is within and our marriage union with Him in total oneness within will be revealed on earth. Yay, our glory shall be SEEN, not hidden. Hallelujah!🌟

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