Spit and Image

This writing was inspired by a vision I had of a diamond that had a light film of spit covering it. 


My personal journey with “Spit” began fifty-five years ago and it’s been used to change me- Initially for the bad and then, praise God, for the good.

The first car I owned was a Triumph Spitfire and personality-wise, I was just that minus the “triumph”: I was full of myself in my youth often spewing out anger like a hissing cat rising up to strike. I’m so glad that Christ in us causes us to triumph over our nature and that we can come forth in His “spit and image” instead. 

In the Book of Clement which is one of the Lost Books of the Bible, Clement recorded the Lord’s words when He was asked WHEN His kingdom would come and in essence, part of His three-fold answer was that it will come when we are no longer subject to anger and to lust through our overcoming them by repentance and obedience. I doubt if any of us knows how deep the roots of anger are entrenched in us… and how our anger has perverted our seeing clearly.

Spit is often used to express rejection and when it hit me in the face like an aimed baseball pitcher’s spit ball, my self-image was destroyed in my early years. It was not literal spit, but a cruel, explosive word screaming at me louder than a blaring fire siren proclaiming: “You’re nothing but a spittoon for a man!” Thank God that in our society today, women who get pregnant out of wedlock don’t experience this kind of disdain, but I know there are multitudes of people who live with deep emotional pain that has crippled them because of rejection and degrading words of condemnation. I thank God that our Lord bore rejection and its crushing pain when He was spit upon on the day of His cross making the way to restore my broken image and everyone else’s. Hallelujah that we can be set free!

On three occasions, the Bible records the Lord using His spit to heal. I believe that His spit was the anecdote to rejection for those he healed then and for us today in the spirit realm. The man who was born blind requiring “two” touches to be made whole (Mark 8: 22-26)  is a type and shadow of us. We were born spiritually blind with our not being able to know the truth concerning our anger, rebellion and more. We’ve been angry because we haven’t been able to do what we’ve wanted to do and have been incensed at others  about their not doing what WE think they SHOULD do. Truly, we have been blind to God’s ways and His thoughts that are higher than ours. How much time will it take for us to learn them and to defeat the power of anger working inside ourselves that often isn’t even recognized?

With the first healing touch of our Lord on our lives, we are made able to see men as trees walking….Yes, we are given some sight through that touch, but not yet enough to see men clearly. We still must come to see  ourselves and people as we really are- not as we appear to be. We must be processed in order to recognize those who eat from the tree of the knowledge and become what they eat and likewise, those who eat from the tree of life. All the many kinds of men as described in the seeds sown on the different types of soil are to be discerned. 

Trees also represent experiences in our spiritual life; to have revelation of what’s grown up in us and to know where others are in their development is vital:- … The almond tree represents the word developed, the olive tree- the Spirit, the palm tree- judgment, the fig tree- transFIGuration, the date palm tree- judgment, and the pomegranate- the left and right brain working perfectly together. 

There are other trees (the apple, fir, cedar, pine, box, etc.) that have truth and revelation for us as well. We are epistles read of men and are called to be full grown trees of “life” expressing the many different glorious aspects of our Lord…. Some, however, are fruit trees that have only leaves and our eyes must be open to discern them and to respond in the nature of God. Jesus cursed a fig tree:… How many of us have been matured to the place of taking like action in the timing of the Lord?

In the “Gospel According To Thomas” Chapter 84: 9- 16, 22-25, it is written: “The disciples said to Jesus: “Tell us how our end will be.” Jesus said: “Have you then discovered the beginning so that you inquire about the end? For where the beginning is there shall be the end. Blessed is he who shall stand at the beginning, and he shall know the end and he shall not taste death.”

For you have five trees in Paradise which are unmoved in summer (or) in winter and their leaves do not fall. Whoever knows them will not taste death.”

The blind man’s sight was changed from just seeing men as trees walking to seeing men clearly after the second touch. The very spit of someone is said to be the exact likeness of that person hence the expression “spit and image”. The blind man was restored by spit.. by becoming our Lord’s exact image showing that we too, shall be completely restored by God’s spit. It is after the schoolmaster has done its work that we no longer walk judging men by the law of sin and death. THEN we see men as God sees them and wholeness comes because we are consequently able to love them as God loves them.

In the Feast of Tabernacles the booths are made from the boughs of specific kinds of trees revealing that there is much more to understand and experience in our progressive journey in the third day.

Returning now to thoughts about the spit-covered diamond: DNA is in the spit and I believe that the vision reveals that the firstfruits’ genes are in the process of being changed by the Lord’s DNA. Black coal has been pressurized to form the diamond we now are and the cutting and polishing of it are over; Regeneration is still going on but soon the brilliance of the sevenfold spirit will be manifested through us like many faceted lights of a jewel. 

“And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels.”Malachi 4: 17

Has not the furnace been made seven times hotter for those of us who are the called? It has taken more than we’ve ever realized to come to the end of ourselves, but praise God, He will finish what He has started. For most, if not all of us, the fire is still burning hot and will continue to be so until we are completely transformed into His “spit and image”.

Yay, the time is coming and NOW is for the elect to bring forth life-giving spit to a dying world – even Triumph Spitfires on the move.

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