The Glory of Staying Power

“Staying Power” was such a good friend, constant and loving in all her ways. She had permanent residence in the “Upper Room of Prayer” in the King’s palace. The wings of “Peace” and “Happiness” covered everyone there along with “Mercy” and “Goodness” assigned to them for safe-keeping. Angels were always at “Staying Power’s” side, as she was the ambassador to “Ultimate Freedom”, the place for all who loved God to come into just prior to the “Day of Transfiguration.” Only those who “loved no matter what”… only those who married “Staying Power” would see that glorious day of “Perfection”.

“Staying Power” was called to marry her sons … Whoever heard of such a thing?

Ah, “Staying Power” would first have to birth them before she could marry them and as long as she kept her name and crown allowing no one to steal them, the immaculate conception, even the budding forth of victory would bring her into the reality of being all she ever desired to be and of her bringing the impartation of her essence to all who would receive her.

“Staying Power” did not look like much… In fact, at first look at her, she appeared the opposite of what one would expect. Here she was covering the sins of others right out in the open…, She took on their filthiness of flesh and spirit as her own and became a portable tent … a covering of shelter for them.

“Let me carry you…. Let me cover you… Come into union with me!” she would lovingly cry to the ones discovering  “Repentance” as a bridge to life. “I have divine secrets that only those who marry me can know!”

She carried her banner high which had the words of her Savior boldly written in blood on it: “Take up your cross!” the banner decreed to those who had eyes to see. Everyone who did this and followed “Staying Power’s” ways would find that they could exchange their citizenship in the city of “Unrest” in the “Land of Grief and Sorrow” to the city of “Rest” in the “Land of Peace and Joy”… Her being an ambassador to the “Universe of Ultimate Freedom” made it possible for all men to come into the place of “Ultimate Reconciliation”… into “Ultimate Being” when they saw flesh (Esau) as the “Face” of God as did Jacob of old….. There would be no cross if flesh did not exist and there would be no “Glory” without the cross.

Oh holy “Union Divine”… Who can know “Holy Wonder”?… Truly, only you sons who marry “Staying Power”!

Categories: Allegories

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