Ready Now

“Strangulation” came in and choked God’s word in all the people in the city of “Weak Beginnings” because the watchmen on the wall didn’t watch. Blood was on their hands for they were responsible for the safety of God’s little ones whose capacity to discern hadn’t been developed yet. 

No good shepherds were to be found in the city…. no watchmen in the night… no fathers, for all the people, except for a very few mothers, were only concerned about themselves. While this was the land of supposed believers, their God was their belly and “Belly God” only contained the wisdom of the world and the cravings of lust.

“Timid” was just a little child when he realized things weren’t right. His mother “Honesty” and her loving sister “Faithful” nurtured “Timid” giving him the kind of attention that built him up sustaining him with faith, but because his father “No Good Account” was never there for him, there was a hole in his heart that dripped out blood. His given name “Full of Boldness” was stripped off his birth certificate by a sly wolf named “Stealth” who was the keeper of the records. Without true records, no one could live their name. Because “Stealth” was in charge, the false names he substituted for the true ones had the power and authority to be demonstrated as the life force in the people. 

Even though “Timid” had some faith, it was weak, so he was destined to live out his name with no recourse until the day prophesied of old when a savior would come… It was written and decreed that a Father named “Elijah” (Jah is my God) would be sent from on High who would turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers. No one could live out their full destinies until this one came, for only he had the power to kick out “Stealth” and change the records… The holy authentic records on High stated that only one who had fullness of love, faith and grace would overcome the enemy and set things right. The mighty angels would appear along with this one too, supernaturally removing the false records replacing them with the true ones in an instant. 

“Strangulation” and “Stealth” trembled when Elijah came  into town for they knew their days were numbered. 

The first thing Elijah did was to go to the wayward fathers and pronounced forgiveness and blessing over them saying: “You’re forgiven because you were blind and didn’t know what you were doing when you wronged your children. I impart life to you now to be reconciled to them.” After each man embraced his children and imparted the same blessing that Elijah gave to them, Elijah picked up each child one after the other and kissed them on the tops of their heads announcing to them that his kiss had “sealing power”. They were to know that that lips that had love in them was the only power on earth and in heaven that could keep them safe and they each were to have such lips. With the seal of love on their heads, they all were empowered with watchful eyes full of understanding and hearing ears that could hear the tiniest whisper from God. Power came into their arms, purity in their hearts, strength in their bones, righteousness in their breasts, tenacity in their hands, life in their tongues, discernment in their noses, peace in their feet, truth in their innermost parts, and every cell in their bodies received grace and light. These littles ones became grown ups overnight forming the great army  of God storming the courtyards of the “Government of Injustice” that ruled the land. 

All the breath left strangulation when he saw them coming with Elijah as their head… No longer would he be able to choke God’s Word out of the people for without breath and strength he could do nothing but just lay there as one dead. 

With him out of the way, the whole building of “The Government of Injustice” collapsed and “Stealth” lay buried underneath the ruins, able to rob the people no more. 

All of the newly generated overcomers were transported to the top of Mount Zion where their eyes were enlightened to see the glory of God. Elijah wrapped his arms around the one whose name “Timid” had been changed. “Look! “Full of Boldness”: See what your inheritance is!”

As far as he could see and way past his sight, were multitudes and nations waiting for him to set them free. “You, “Fullness of Boldness” are the one to do it! 

You’re ready now!”

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