Sorry No More

“Sorry Now”couldn’t stand up. She had been in a fixed position ever since guilt, shame and condemnation had entered into her. Her back was twisted out of shape due to the fact that she believed she could not support herself. 

Every woman in her culture was self-supporting, but there she was, unable to do anything. Her shame for her inability to provide a living on her own went way down deep inside herself locked in all her cells. 

She didn’t realize that this was not her fault for every man, woman and child is a product of their upbringing and the genes passed down to them. It is true that decision making capacity is theirs, but they have no choice concerning the matters that come their way. Hence, people do not have the power over their lives that they think they do. 

“Sorry Now” was aware of who her enemy was, even the “Accuser of the Brethren”, but she could not stop the continual bombardment of harassing thoughts that came to her night and day. Yes, she applied the blood of Jesus over her and over the situations she faced… She took authority in the powerful  name of the Lord over every demon she could think of…. She praised and thanked God continually for the victory that He had won for her, yet, there she sat bound to her chair with inner chains tightening her heart and soul every day… “Why?… Why am I still bound?” she would ask herself and occasionally others with no answer coming forth. 

One day an ant called “I know” approached her. She was so little that “Sorry Now” didn’t see her at first. This tiny one stuck her chest out and announced “Look at me and at my family!” pointing to a huge colony of like-beings busily building a home and getting provisions for themselves. “We are busy doing what we were made to do! Do YOU know what you are called to do “Sorry”?

That was the trouble! “Sorry Now” didn’t know.  She thought she was supposed to work to provide for herself, but she didn’t know what kind of work that was. And because she viewed herself as being incapable of doing anything, she sat there confined to doing nothing. 

She, like most all the inhabitants living in the land of “Do Do”, believed they had to do, do and do on their own in their own strength and most accomplished a lot of do do, for sure. 

None… absolutely none in this land knew the source of real power behind true works. Hence, the work of their hands built with hay and stubble which was destined to be burned up. 

Only the work that resulted from the power of an activated tongue  could remain and bring glory to God. Every work that didn’t begin through the decree of the tongue was bound to fail. 

What “Sorry Now” would soon realize was that those who had accomplished great works with their own hands and not through the power of God in their mouths, were not ones to be admired…They were not ones to compare herself to, for doers and none doers alike were in the same boat destined to shipwreck in the place called: “Do do’s End”.

How few would find themselves straight-way there, but instead, would go round and round looking at what self could do. Only those who fixed their eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ would realize that they could do nothing in themselves and would come to know He would do everything for them by the power of THE TONGUE. 

It was time for “Sorry Now” to stand up by making the decree that she would rise and not fall…It was time for her to speak and do everything that the wisdom of God showed her to do….and it was time for her to be guilty, ashamed and condemned no more.

“Out, out, OUT!” she commanded the robbers of her destiny! The authority was hers now and due to her tongue’s decree, she was given a new nature that would rule over all the world and given a  new name called “Trained Tongue”!

NOW, she was sorry no more, going busily about doing the work of her destiny… the “Work of the Tongue”!

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