Foretold Love


Serial Killer’s mother, the “Mother of All Living” had named him “Foretold Love to Come”…. She was so happy when he was born because she knew his destiny would be great. It was when she was birthing “Righteousness”, her last child, that the enemy of all mankind stepped in to accomplish his dastardly deed. Because her attention could not be on “Love Foretold” in that moment, the Devil was able to sneak in with “Temptation”, the force that no mortal man could resist without the help of God. “Murder” was conceived then causing him to eventually become “Serial Killer” instead of “Love.”

“Serial Killer” could not stop himself from putting to death the words of life that were spoken to him. Anytime one came, he cursed so hard that his face became a flame of fire causing his breath to become a torch of hatred that consumed the word  He was not born a serial killer but because the  seed of hatred that was passed down through his blood line was in him,  soon a company of demons could enter and possess him due to the generational curse that gave them access. 

“Serial Killer” didn’t know it but he was a prototype of all men destined to fall, but rise again in a new form. Like the prodigal son, he was to spend all his energy being who he was and going his own way until he came to the end of himself. 

Can you hear the cry of humanity moaning and groaning for love to come? Has this cry become so strong in YOU who are like “Serial Killer” that you are willing to be changed? 

Ah, THAT is the question!!

Categories: Allegories

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