The Coming Change

“Bestial’s” eyes were intent on the Bride…. He desired her as his own, but an invisible wall hindered him from getting near to her. The same invisible wall was in his own heart but he did not realize it because he was spiritually blind. 

“Bestial” was beastly in his thoughts and actions due to no fault of his own. He was born that way with murder in his heart and oh how it seemed cruel to him that he was the way he was. Often he would raise his fist in rebellion to the God he didn’t believe in. 

Because he understood more than all the other beasts of the field, somehow he did perceive in his subconscious mind that the purpose and plan of the Almighty God, Maker of Heaven and earth would be revealed to him in the day he called out to be changed. But “Bestial” did not not want to be changed YET. He knew that his will was the only thing that was his, and without words, his whole being shouted: “By God, I am going to keep it!!”

The “Bride” who loved him and all of mankind was very aware of his thoughts as he had been her prayer assignment from the day she first saw him.  

The angel “Mercy” had instructed her: “Anyone you pray for with intensity of heart, you will come to love deeply. Know that it is only intense compassion that will make the difference- You can not change anyone, but your prayers have the power to bind hindering forces and to activate the helping power of angels. You must be diligent for the forces of hell are against “Bestial” and all like him.”

The “Bride” whose name was “Compassion” understood well what was at stake and was obedient to do what “Mercy” had instructed. And as she prayed, a miraculous seed was formed within her secret place within that had great power. The living Spirit inside “Compassion” drew the seed up with whirling force into her mouth. “Spit it out!” he commanded, “and know, even believe with powerful faith that your spit and the words you speak will cause the seed to grow on the earth.” As soon as she did this very thing, the seed was planted and became a gigantic cherry tree overnight. Its splendor filled the earth.

“Bestial” stood before it with a mouth wide open gaping in wonder. He did not like cherries, but the ones on this tree had a special “becoming” power that drew him to them…”Taste and see!” they all sang in the most glorious harmony ever heard on earth. When the beautiful melody enveloped his being with its caressing words, a deep hunger grew in him to eat the cherries, but he could not because his hands were bound behind his back and he had no way to pluck them. His stubborn will was the force that had bound him and only his will could lose him. 

So there he sat under the tree of life getting hungrier and weaker every day. He could not understand the word of the trumpet blaring in his ear: “Stubbornness is the same as idolatry and rebellion is the same as witchcraft” but he was soon to know that “Compassion” was praying. There was a prince inside of “Bestial” who was appointed to come out of hiding on that great day of reconciliation. “Oh happy day when Jesus washed my sins away” would become this prince’s song when he would be crowned with his new name “Belonging”. Oh happy day indeed!

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