A New Age Shaking

I heard the word “Cori-destiny” which spiritually means “empowered spirit.” The inherent meaning of Cori is “from the hollow place” which brought the thought to mind that it is out of the hollow place- through the emptying out of self that the power of God can manifest.

I had a dream the night after that began with the word “hot air heart” and a gathering of women with what was called “A New Age Shaking Impartation” was going on. In part of the dream, I remembered that I previously dreamed about my experiencing this. 

I had a specific word to give to a woman, but began to tell her about the new age shaking first. She was distracted while I was speaking about it and couldn’t hear what I said. This was because her eyes were focused on a ministry with gifts which was not the same as the ministry coming forth in the new age. I shared with the group that great discernment was going to be needed to distinguish between the two ministries.

Two women in the spirit of the new age demonstrated the greater power and works with mighty manifestation in the midst of us. At the end of the dream I was called to preach on this being the time of the transition. 

I’d like to bring to your remembrance that when our Lord Jesus came, a change of law came with Him. The age of the law was replaced with the the law of truth and grace, but it wasn’t fully in place until AFTER He died and was resurrected. Likewise it will be so with the elect bringing in the new age. We are at the door of a new age and a great shaking is taking place to remove our old mindsets and the ways of self that must no continue. I believe that this shaking will bring us into perfection. 

“Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on into perfection….” Hebrews 6:1

As most reading this know, there will be a major difference between those who are perfected having the sevenfold spirit of God and those who operate in the gift-realm of the five-fold ministry of the church age….between those who are in the mixture of self and spirit (Pentecost) and those who have come into perfection that are emptied of self and have surrendered ALL (Tabernacles)

In reflecting on the “hot air heart,” I thought about the spirit of the heart being hot (on fire) and then I considered what “hot air” means in the negative sense which is empty talk with no power. I believe that the shaking is what will be used to take us from empty talk with no power into fullness of power. How often have those of us with Pentecostal power decreed a thing and nothing happened?? This word I was given points to the fact that a HEART change is what is needed- We must BECOME LOVE❤️‼️

I asked a sister in Christ for her interpretation of “a hot air heart” and her response was that it is “a heart raised up in the spirit, like manchild up to the throne.” 

Yes indeed, this is about becoming part of the manchild company.- the overcomers who rule their own spirit,… ones with the rod of iron (power), … ones who eat from the tree of life,… ones who no longer operate in the carnal mind (death), …. even the long awaited ones who have the full nature of God manifested in their lives. THIS is our “Cori-destiny”💥Hallelujah‼️

I continually have the name “Enoch” come in my tongues- Yes, this is all about the ones like  “Enoch” of THIS AGE who are the daystars with the fullness of light risen in their temples- even the light that overcomes DEATH (the carnal mind) through the brightness of its coming…YAY- These like Enoch are the ones who please God having been cleansed of ALL filthiness of spirit and flesh. 

What can I say now, but “Come shake, rattle and roll with me until nothing but the glory of the RISEN ONE is seen!”💥‼️🌟

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