Becoming Reliable

“Liable” bewailed herself- She knew about the blood of Jesus and she knew about the cross and had by faith applied them to her life. “Why? Why?” she cried, “is my name not changed?”

She stood at attention saluting her commander-in-chief, but when He said: “At ease!”, she was unable to be at ease due to a snake embedded in the nape of her neck.

“Jesus, Jesus!” she cried. “Let your name do the work! “Rescue me!!”

A ball of fire came from the heavens and spoke to her: “ I come from the third heaven – Rest can only come when you are consumed by me – It is then that your form can be changed and it is then that you will be “Liable” no more. Open your mouth wide, for your mouth is the entrance of my fire. I will consume you daughter of Zion – the serpent shall have no place in you and you shall be “Glory”. You shall minister my fire purifying everything you touch hereon-in. Yea, it is time for the seraphim of beauty, glory and honor to come forth!”

I believe it was Watchman Nee who said that there is a vast difference between a submitted will and a harmonious one. The neck symbolically has to do with “the will” and hitherto, I have not always automatically willed the will of God with a harmonious will. I give thanks and praise to God for the times I have submitted my will to His, but I have not, like Jesus, ONLY done what the Father showed me and I think this is true of all of us. We, like the stiff-necked Israelites of old have had a will of our own.

Initially I attempted to defend myself in a difficult situation with a family member believing that reasoning would make a difference. I didn’t wait on the Lord concerning my initial response when the attack on me came. Oh yes, I had a will of my own with a serpent in it… the serpent being EARTHLY WISDOM. Only God’s fire can change the will with its earthly wisdom derived from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil! 

Truly, it’s going to take much fire before we can be “reliable” in every situation… speaking not our words, ONLY His, …rendering good for evil, not defending ourselves, …being still, when our souls are clamorous,…not using our reasoning minds subverting the way of simplicity and faith,…not pointing our fingers at others but INSTEAD, and having ALL the fruit of the Spirit (the fully developed fruit that has no rotten spots and accompanying flies). Ah, the sevenfold spirit does not come without suffering and MUCH FIRE before we can be “RELIABLE”‼️

Categories: Allegories

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