An Arranged Marriage

An arranged marriage was in the making for me with someone I had never met before. I was concerned if I was doing the right thing in marrying someone I had never seen. There were people in the dream I didn’t recognize and I was asking if the ceremony would take place at 7 o’clock or 7:30. a high school friend that I have been separated from, suddenly appeared at my door in the doorway. She was appropriately dressed for a wedding and I realized that I was to tell her I was going to get married and that she was supposed to be there.

In the next scene I was trying to find something to wear. I thought of a lavender dress I had worn to my daughter’s rehearsal dinner, but couldn’t find it. I tried on many items of clothing, but nothing was right and when I put on a top which was too tight for me, I couldn’t get it off no matter how hard I tried. I needed someone to help me.

In the next scene I was putting dark black mascara on my eyelashes and realized it gave the appearance of eyeliner. It smeared and I didn’t like it.

In the dream while thinking about what I was to wear, I realized I was supposed to call it forth: A cream colored silk material then came down from above and wrapped itself around me forming a perfect fitting evening gown.

I was also supposed to know what I wanted in the man I was to marry. The first thought that came to mind was that he have salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. I thought about him being slender, but when I pictured him that way, he was too frail looking and I had the second thought that he needed to be pleasantly plump. I was undecided about it, but then realized that it was more important that he have the inner qualities I desired. I wanted him to have GREAT understanding and I wanted him to have eyes only for me.

After writing down the dream, I thought: What is there better than having a faithful man?… than being a faithful person myself with understanding and wisdom. I wondered why I didn’t add wisdom in the dream… thought the reason may have been because it’s something we must ask the Lord moment by moment for. Understanding is accumulated knowledge and perception that one can have like an established tree, but wisdom is like the sunshine that shines on it.

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