Mercy Rejoices

All the people in the town of “Slander” were judges who believed they were right about everything. They touted their judgments never considering that their exposing others with a heart of malice was wrong. Night and day their thoughts were consumed with criticisms, judgments, condemnations, and opinionated reasonings. They were all very self-righteous and each believed that their wisdom was higher than that of the others. None of them loved anyone but themselves and their children who were extensions of themselves. 

On the outskirts of the town dwelled one called “Mercy”… She had been sent by the Most High God with a mission to help those in the town of “Slander” and she was accompanied by twelve angels whose names were “Repentance”, “Long-suffering”, “Doer of Good”, “Lover of Justice”, “Peace”, “Patience”, “Good-will”, “Kindness”, “Understanding”, “Benevolence”, “Discerning” and “Lover of Truth.” The captain of Hosts from on High whose name was “Love” had commissioned them to go first to “Pointing Finger” to shine His great light on him for he was the highest judge of the land. “Pointing Finger” had lived in the darkness so long that the light blinded him. Although he could not see with understanding, the light brought warmth with it into his heart that gave him a comforting feeling he had never experienced before… The warmth enabled him to hear the words by “Mercy”, but he could not let her words penetrate his hard heart that had been filled with anger, hatred, rage and unforgiveness. He has great pleasure in spewing his angry words for it relieved him of the great pressure within that was like sizzling hot steam burning his insides. 

“Mercy” instructed “Lover of Justice” to wait to speak until “Long-suffering” and “Patience” embraced “Pointing Finger” awhile. “Pointing Finger” had to know his soul was loved before “Lover of Justice” would be able to impart the reprimand needed for “Pointing Finger” to change his ways. “Good-will” and “Doer of Good” in perfect timing approached “Pointing Finger” with a wash bin full of water and humbly asked him if they could wash his feet. “Pointing Finger” was taken back by this request. No one had ever so gently and humbly spoken to him before and because the light surrounding him increased its warmth, he was compelled to let them wash his feet. Oh my, did his feet smell, but “Doer of Good” and “Good-will” sprinkled the sweetest smelling perfume called “Prayer Life” in the water and the stink was no more.  It was then that “Repentance” came with a white towel and lovingly caressed his feet with it asking: “Will you forgive others?”

“Understanding” quickly came forth before he could answer asking another question: “Do you remember the story about the woman who was caught in adultery?… that he who had no sin could point the finger at her. Are you without sin, “Pointing Finger”? “Ponting- Finger” was humbled in that moment and “Pride” and “Self-righteousness” who were always with him started to shake for “Pointing Finger” realized that he had many, many sins. 

“Discerning” stepped in next knowing that “Pointing Finger” needed more knowledge before he could forgive others and himself and stop pointing his finger. He had strongholds in his mind that that needed to come down. Twisted thinking was one of them, misunderstanding, misconceptions and heresy were others. 

Because “Pointing Finger” had been badly abused by his father, he had unhealed wounds that affected not only his views about others, especially authority figures, that made it impossible for him to respect and obey lawful authority. Rebellion was so deep in his heart it was like a ferocious tiger ready to tear into everything and everybody in a moment’s notice. 

“Lover of Justice” next  appeared to him saying: “I’ve come to reveal my ways to you that you have not known: 

#1. Talking about others faults, weaknesses and sins must always be done with a heart to want to help them.

#2: It is right to tell others of the sins of people and give warning to people if those sins could harm others, like in the case of a pedophile moving next door to a family with children… But it is not right to gossip about him or any other person who sins. You must always ask yourself: “What is my motive for talking about others?”

#3. Punishment is to be given to wrong doers for the purpose of reforming them, not to bring harm to them. 

#4. Punishment must always be given in love, not out of control anger. 

#5. Those in authority have the responsibility of executing righteous judgment… rebukes and punishment are essential for correction. 

#6. Honor must be given to ALL men, even to those who don’t deserve it for the giving of honor is the greatest good that can draw out the best in others. 

#7. Mercy rejoices over judgment… Know that the Lord God is full of mercy and slow to anger. Be like Him. Seek to find the truth that will set mankind free and  become love never holding a grudge against anyone. Forgive everyone.

#8. The way of the cross which is death to one’s self life is the way to life… to peace, joy and righteousness within.

It was “Lover of Truth” who beckoned “Kindness” and “Benevolence” to spread their wings over “Pointing Finger” telling him: “Underneath your pointing finger, you are a kind and tender person wanting to come out. You are very much loved by the Father in Heaven and by all who love and know Him. It is time now for your name change which is “Tender Mercy”.

And so it came to pass that it was “Mercy”… even God’s mercy, who put the “Crown of Life” on “Tender Mercy’s” head, telling him: “Go now to others who are like you were, and set them free!”

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