The Gift of Trouble

Colorful vector illustration of a cute flying angel

    “Why are you troubled, my dear?” I’ve come to help you,” the Angel said.

     JESSIE glared at him. She didn’t believe he was an Angel- She perceived him to be a devil in disguise.

     The Angel whose name was TROUBLE sighed. He knew JESSIE thought of him in that manner, but he also knew that in time she would come to see what a blessing he was. Tucked under his wing in the side pocket of his garment was the gift he had waiting to be given at her coronation. 

     In the meantime, TROUBLE had the work of prodding JESSIE to go deeper into the uttermost part of her being to find the truth about why he had come to her. She would only be able to discover “why” when she became still to hear the still, small voice within. It was not time yet.

     JESSIE remained in a continuous state of agitation. She loved her Lord and trusted Him with all her heart, but she did not know the way of righteousness in a certain area. It was because of this that she had been brought down so low. Her tears did not avail her; she used up all her strength implementing the different prayers she knew, doing tasks that she thought would benefit herself, reading GOD’s words and fellowshipping with those of like mind, but her answer as to “why?” was still far from her.

     A long time ago, even several years ago, she did not listen to her conscience and she deeply injured one that God wanted to bless with the substance He had given to her. She hugged the money and possessions to herself thinking that she was righteous to do so. Now, she was reaping her wrong doing’s wages and the pain and affliction that the one she was supposed to have helped were now hers to bear…. But a little more wrestling and going around and around the threshing floor and she would come to realize it. Her heart would be open and she would soon be pliable enough to receive her answer.

     The Angel stood by her smoking {You didn’t think Angels smoked, did you?} Well, this one was and is a smoker. The smoke of her torment was absorbed by him and he was blowing it out. Every individual on the face of the earth has the smoke of his torment to face on this side of the earth or on the other side- It is a reality.

     And so, between sighs and blowing out smoke, the Angel dealt with the tormentor sent to JESSIE keeping him abated. JESSIE had more help than she realized through the one called TROUBLE.

     “Aha! Aha!” came the voice of a little pixie spreading sawdust all over JESSIE’s home. He was not of the enemy as JESSIE had supposed- In reality, he was an Angel sent by THE MOST HIGH GOD to get JESSIE moving- to get her propelled in the SPIRIT and not in her strength. She struggled against this Angel very hard but could not prevail. The “Aha! Aha!” sound of the pixie was and is the battle cry that shakes the earth in the time of trouble. It is the “Ha” of God who laughs in the face of the enemy and the “Ah” of “I found it!” The “Aha” is the blessing of GOD to the one who finds the secret in THE SECRET PLACE.

     “Aha!” the pixie shouted. “Methinks I hear the rumbling of the threshing floor,” and indeed it was so. There was JESSIE and that which moved against her grain was being removed for Mount Moriah was the place of discovery, the place of surrender. JESSIE’s story is your story, my story, everyone’s story- All must come to the end of themselves by coming face to face with their flesh.

     The Angel smiled as he looked at poor, worn out JESSIE in pain and in fatigue. He could see a star in a teeny, tiny form beginning to come forth in her heart- She was listening, she was hearing- light was breaking forth.

     “Now is the time to give her my gift”, he exclaimed as he reached out into his pocket. Smiling, he approached her and she knew in that moment that he was an angel, not a devil in disguise. She received him readily and bowed low for she had become a meek and lowly spirit. Because of this, she was made ready.

     The angel touched her brow and then her head with electric life going all through her. It was then he gave her the tiny box wrapped in silver pronouncing: “Now you have life, dear beloved one. Go and give all you have and are- No longer hoard anything for yourself! Be free!” he commanded.

The weight lifted instantly off her shoulders and as she opened the box, she shouted with joy at what she saw- It was the pearl of great price. She had sold all to get it. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah and…AHA!!

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