Be-e Called

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  WRETCHED couldn’t stand herself. Everything I touch”, she wailed, “turns into gold- Fool’s gold.” Disgruntled and tired of botching things up through rashness and foolish talking, she sat down on a stump and started to cry.

     A honey bee zoomed right on her nose, sat there and looked sternly in her eye. “You need some straightening out,” she announced, “and I’m the one to do it! They don’t call me HONEY BEE for nothing: I know my purpose! I make honey, but YOU: You are unaware of who you really are and why you have been put on earth. It is certainly not to wallow in self. Do you know your name?… Not the name you call yourself, oh foolish human! I speak of your true name. Well! I’m waiting. Do you know it?”

     “I, I…No, I don’t! How am I supposed to know any other name than the name I’ve been called?”

     The bee let out a huge sigh. “Humans know nothing about prophecy. They don’t know that God is in their mouth and that they are what they call themselves. I, a honey bee, am a teacher of sweet things. I call them forth first. That is how I make my honey that is so sweet. I go forth from flower to flower and my honey is produced. “Look at me!” HONEY commanded. “What is it that you want to be?”

     The words rolled out of her mouth so quickly, WRETCHED surprised herself: “I want to be satisfied!”

     “Well then: That’s who you are: SATISFIED!  What a lovely, lovely name. Start calling yourself that and you’ll be wretched no more… and there’ll be no more fool’s gold, for only fools who do not know the power they have in their tongues make fool’s gold. Ya got it SATISFIED? And if I were you, I’d start calling myself VERY SATISFIED! You have looked me in the eye and you have heard my voice- the voice of prophecy. “Look, learn and live” which I have awakened in you. Come alive SATISFIED… Be who you are meant to be- a JOY to the world!!”


Categories: Allegories

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