Bread in the Rock

 “Conflict” had a gruesome appearance. She and her friends “Problems” and “Tribulations” caused quite a stir wherever they went. To most, the three of them looked like a tornado, a whirlwind, and an earthquake wrapped together. However, there was only one, a powerful person named “True Identity” who saw past their semblance. He called them “Bread”.

“True I” lived in the cleft of a rock- an awesome rock that had many names. Each name was the one that was needed in the time of trouble; “High Tower, Shield, Fortress, Savior, Deliverer, and Healer are only a few of the “Rock’s” mighty names, so T.I” felt very safe in his place in the rock where he dwelt with “Faith”, “Hope”, “Integrity”, “Promise”, and “Courage”.

Every day a dove called “Word for the Day” brought food that made “True I’s” muscles grow strong like Samson’s, a famous member of his family. Long ago, “Word” instructed that while “T.I.” remained in the rock, his enemies would be defeated and that all things would work for his good. “T.I.” had no fears when he remembered and believed “Word”.

“Temptation”, the black snake in the grass, would visit “T.I.” every day, but most of the time “T.I.” would have nothing to do with him because “Wisdom” revealed all the fiendish plots of the enemy. But sad to say, on one occasion when “Wisdom” was left behind, “Temptation” disguised himself as a beautiful angel and lured “T.I.” away from his place in the rock. “Poor “T.I.” instantly became another person with his name changed to “Wretched Personality”. He was no match for “Conflict” and her buddies, who always followed “Temptation”. “Reaction” replaced “Composure”, “Howling” for “Peace”, and “Pointing Finger” for “Righteous Judgment” for his new companions.

All the time, “T.I.” [“Wretched Personality”] was out of the rock, he whined “I don’t want this. I don’t need this. I’m out of here.” But he couldn’t get out in his own strength, try as he would. “Conflict” and “Temptation” whose other names were “Accuser”, “Hatred” and “Rebellion” made no way of escape for him. The once powerful, victorious one was reduced to a warrior without his weapons of warfare, all because he left his place.

Fortunately for him though, his mighty ancestor “Samson” left him an inheritance. So would you believe??- the end of THIS story is a hairy one!!

Categories: Allegories

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