Butterfly Call

     The earth stank with the smell of infidelity:  Not one among thousands was found faithful.  The air permeated with the moans and groans of the lost.

     “Who will go to them?  Who will arise from the dead to tell them of my love?  Not a sound returned.

“What more can I do?  I have given my Son.  I have given my Word and my Spirit.  Are there none who will obey me?”

     A butterfly with a broken wing emerged.  “I can’t fly,” she cried, “but if you will heal me, I will do so.”

     The Father smiled and said:  “Yes, I will do so, but first you must bow low.  Even with a broken wing, you are able to bow low.  Come, I will give you food that will delight you and make you strong.  Sing my little butterfly-  Sing in the quiet of your soul.”

     And so it came to pass that while the butterfly sang, the angels joined her and Satan was stirred.

“I will not allow song,” he screamed and touched the butterfly’s nervous system. 

     The butterfly who was called “Awakened Life” yelled for help in the name of Jesus. 

     “This is my body.  Take and eat!  Come, my beloved, eat of me and drink that you might be refreshed.  Come and know that you have power over the wicked one and when you know, you shall rise and be healed.”

“Bow low this day before each one I send to you. Bow low and all will be well.”

Categories: Allegories

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